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A Push and Pop Thinking Toy

Product description

PRESSSSIT! is made of high quality, safe, silicone for easy to press comfort and handling. PRESSSSIT! is durable and fun to use anytime. At home, or in the classroom! This is ideal for kids, as young as 3 years old. Helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and sensory skills.

And PRESSSSIT! is a blast to use for so many easy-to-play push and pop GAMES!! Great fun for the entire family...

Games like,
Press and match! Makin’ shapes!
Timed Rounds! Hold it!!
And many more...

PRESSSSIT! currently comes in 4 shapes, including a circle, square, hexagon and flower. Look out for more Shapes and more ideas soon from Pressssit!! Its packed in a compact colorful box. Easy to put in your backpack or jacket pocket. Take it everywhere!

Product data

Available since/from:
15 Feb 2020

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