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varikabo – multifunctional robot kit for soldering

For an exciting introduction to electronics

Product description

With the help of a clever combination of brightness sensors, varikabo can pick up the tiniest contrasts in his surroundings and react to them in various ways. It can identify objects, obstacles, light, shadows, or markings on the floor.
By using a selector switch and adjusting and exchanging the sensors, you get to explore twelve different functions and astounding behaviors:
• masters obstacle courses
• follows dark and light lines
• chases or pushes objects
• searches, tracks or circles under light
• tracks or circles under shadows
• circles on dark or light areas

The two outer sensors determine the direction and the middle sensor the speed. You can take off the left and right sensors and exchange them. They determine whether varikabo will seek darkness or light. The three rotatable brightness sensors cause him to respond to lines, objects, light, and shadows. By adjusting the sensors downward, upward, and forward, you decide whether varikabo will respond to these when they're on the ground, in front of him, or over him.
With the switch, you choose the acceleration or brake mode. varikabo`s eye-LEDs show you how he feels: If he’s in a hurry or on the run, they shine red. If he feels comfortable and stands still – for example, under your hand, then they shine blue.

varikabo offers long-lasting fun and variation!

The setup of varikabo takes about two hours. You need a soldering iron, solder, a 9 V battery, pliers, and a wire cutter. From the soldering process to the initial start-up, all of the necessary steps are included in the assembly instructions, accompanied by numerous illustrations.
The experiment manual explains the configuration of the various functions, showing how these can be set using the selector switch and the three exchangeable sensors.

varikabo is particularly well suited as an exciting introduction to electronics and robotics. The kit not only offers an interesting soldering project and multifunctional robot but also a practice-oriented learning carrier. Since it is easy to put together, it ensures an immediate sense of success. At the same time, the fact that there are many construction options to choose from leaves plenty of room for creative experimentation.

varikabo is available as a single kit or as a set of 10 kits.

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