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Busy Board

Play, Learn, Develop

Product description

The panel can be used:
• Acting for joy, promoting healthy self-confidence! (Being able to increase your desire to find out!)
• To promote co-operation between adults and children or children of different ages.
• Tasks for different levels of difficulty, according to the child's age, understanding and abilities. (From simple to complex! For younger children - putting the figures in the right place, for larger ones - putting them in a certain order, using different samples; verbal instructions or independent task).
• For the development of fine motor skills (incl. For the promotion of the correct grip - wooden dowels of appropriate size for gripping figures; for sliding along the “track”)
• For the development and coordination of large motor skills. (By placing the panel at different heights, it is possible to vary the tasks to be performed.
• To activate the motion analyzer. (Strengthens the child's senses and at the same time disciplines the child).
• Vision - to promote the development of hand coordination.
• For visual recognition and naming of different shapes.
• Tactile development (For example, touching a certain shape in a bag).
• To activate hearing attention (eg how the figures in the bag sound when the bag is shaken; or knocked on a wooden figure, etc.).
• To develop communication skills (also using gestures, emotions).
• For the development of language and speech (incl. To supplement the vocabulary (given stickers, to promote the understanding of new terms (Top - bottom, large - small, etc.)).
• To learn the names of colors (Colored dowels, find a specific color, a certain color of fruit or vegetables, etc.).
• In the formation of mathematical representations (eg number and counting, various quantities, shapes, etc.).
• Orientation in plane and space.
• To develop concentration, attention, patience and memory.
• To improve drawing and writing skills by working on the board.

• 20 animal stickers that can be changed once the child has learned the existing ones
• 12 transport stickers that can be changed once the child has learned the existing ones
• A cloth bag for storing inserts when using the other side of the busy board as a whiteboard
• 10 color cards that indicate the order in which the child should assemble the parts
• Colored crayons
• Busy Board support stand

Product data

Available since/from:
11 Dec 2020

Recommended retail price:
79.00 EUR