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Family Puzzle and Game “Funny Tree”

MON puzzle, age 3+

Product description

Family Puzzle and Game “Funny Tree” from the new brand Mon puzzle is 1 two-sided puzzle with 40 elements +10 two-sided duo puzzles + 6 tasks cards and marker, finished one duo puzzle size 12*5 cm, finished 1 two-sided puzzle size 41х29.6 cm. Box size: d13*23,5 cm.
“The funny tree” puzzle game is an ideal way for kids not only to learn numbers, but also get to know the names of animals, fruits, and vegetables. On one side of one big puzzle there are animals and fruits, on the other – fruits and vegetables. Mini duo-puzzles contain also numbers and fruit & vegetable shapes pictures.
Recommended for children aged 3+, but we suggest involving in the assembly of the puzzles younger kids as well for active observation, listening, and remembering the animals and the information about them. The elements of the puzzle are large, the cardboard is tight, and the elements have rounded corners to ensure the safety of a baby.
There are no analogues of such a product - it’s a new multifunctional product 3 in 1 (two-sided puzzle + game + educational tasks), that could be used not once but over and over and in the same time to gather the whole family for enjoyable pastime. Good news - the task cards localization would not require any MOQ.
Puzzle game trains:
- Spatial thinking
- Fine motor skills
- Memory
- Logic
- Creative skills
- Perseverance


Product data

Available since/from:
30 Jan 2021

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