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Rocking Horse ‚Premium‘

A love for a lifetime.

Product description

The exceptionally large, noble solid wood rocking horse Premium from wohnstuecke will delight bigger children and adults.
It is a jewel for any sophisticated environment, an attractive play partner for the whole childhood and a wonderful friend and companion of the years after.
Its natural mane, a long tail and fine handwork of genuine two-tone leather for the saddle, chest girth and bridle based on a great model, decorate the horse, the elongated rocking skids allow the dream of riding over vast landscapes.
With the natural wooden surface, satin glossy varnished or treated with wax oil, the shine of the real horsehair, the soft touch of the leather stuff and the lively look from shining eyes, the wohnstuecke rocking horse Premium is an extraordinary and beloved companion for generations. That makes this rocking horse also the favorite gift of parents and grandparents.
Handcrafted in the best manufacturing tradition from solid hardwoods of your choice - light maple, hard oak, colourful cherry, traditional mahogany or lively walnut - it meets the highest quality standards, which will be enjoyed by the next generation.
In addition to the traditional version on rocking skids, there is also a variant on safety stand.
Its dimensions are far above average with a length of 150 cm, total height of 105 cm and seat height of 75 cm, making this rocking horse also a beautiful decorative piece. On safety stand this rocking horse grows another 10 cm in height.
Learn more about the rocking horse Premium at www.wohnstuecke.com/en/rocking-horses.html

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Available since/from:
From January 2021

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