International Game Inventors Convention

now as a special theme at the Spielwarenmesse Digital
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The Spielwarenmesse is the meeting place for national and international game professionals and creative newcomers alike. That is why the Spielwarenmesse and the Bavarian Games Archive are jointly organising the International Game Inventors Convention.  

Due to the Covid-19-related cancellation of the stationary Spielwarenmesse 2022, an exclusive online meeting place for you as an author to exchange your play ideas is now being created.

Event date: from now on daily - programme highlights for the original date of the Spielwarenmesse from 2 to 6 February 2022.

Order of events: Individual online contact or streaming via Spielwarenmesse Digital

Who will game designers meet at the Spielwarenmesse Digital?

→ Game editors
→ Product managers
→ Game agencies
→ Game critics
→ Trade journalists
→ Bloggers

The Game Inventors Convention will bring the brains behind the games together with publishing houses and journalists.


What awaits you?

  • Embedded in the international Spielwarenmesse network, this will be a place for game designers, publishers, editors and journalists to exchange ideas and information
  • At the Game Inventors Convention, you’ll get to present your game ideas to specialists


To the Game Inventors Convention at Spielwarenmesse Digital

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