ToyTrends 2023

What will the toy industry not be able to avoid in the year to come?

The Spielwarenmesse TrendCommittee looks every year for the latest trends in the toy market. Composed of international experts, trend scouts, market researchers and journalists with years of experience, the team has identified the ToyTrends for Spielwarenmesse 2023: Discover!, Brands for Fans and MetaToys.


On the newly designed experience area of around 400m2 in Hall 3A, products related to ToyTrends 2023 are ready to be tried out and discovered. Interesting facts and figures, as well as exciting presentations by experts round off ToyTrends 2023.


"Space, the final frontier...." is how the adventures of Star Trek: Enterprise begin. For five years it was on its way to explore new worlds. And this urge to discover is also in our children. Curious, they ask why. They want to understand and comprehend in the true sense of the word. Other cultures, foreign countries and languages, unknown galaxies and the wonders of nature - their pioneering spirit knows no boundaries. After the involuntary travel break in the last few years, you feel like discovering and exploring the world again, whether travelling or at home. "Discover!" is designed to bring children closer to the unknown and encourage them to explore it intensively. 


Brands for Fans

Who does not know it? The old T-shirt with Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, My Little Pony or Heman that is impossible to give away. The cuddly toy Benjamin Blümchen that still sits in the bedroom or the Harry Potter wand that has a special place on the shelf. These are all figures that you loved as a child and that still inspire you today. Many parents and grandparents pass on this fascination to their children or grandchildren. That is real fan love - across generations.

But not only retro toys can trigger a true passion in young and old, new films and figures also make fan dreams come true.


What actually is this Metaverse? Put very simply, Metaverse means linking our lives with a variety of different technologies. Many also refer to this as the future of the internet, where people can socialise, work, play and create. These include blockchain, VR/AR technology, associated hardware, NFTs, virtual worlds, robotics and artificial intelligence. These enable us to connect our lives to the digital world. How much of it each person allows into their lives and how they want to use it all is up to each person. The toy industry has also recognised this trend and is using these technologies to bring products to life in the digital world.