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No legal claims can be derived from this information. Subject to change, errors excepted, last update: September 2020

General information in connection with COVID-19

Yes, it will. When it comes to personal encounters and sound buying decisions, trade fairs are more important than ever. That is why we will do all we can to stage the Spielwarenmesse® in 2021. The health and safety of all participants is our main priority. Working in close cooperation with NürnbergMesse and the health authorities, we have drawn up a concept for the Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg, the details of which will continually be adapted to reflect any new developments. 

The health and safety of all participants is our main priority. The most important measure is to ensure that a social distance of 1.5 m is maintained between individuals in all spaces, when entering and leaving rooms, in corridors, gangways, stairs and in outdoor areas.

Working in close cooperation with NürnbergMesse and the health authorities, we have drawn up a health & hygiene framework for the Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg. Using this as a foundation, Spielwarenmesse eG is developing an event-specific Hygiene Concept for Spielwarenmesse® 2021, which will be constantly adapted to reflect any developments right up until the trade fair takes place. The primary protective goals and the basis for all our actions are as follows:

  • To ensure all current social distancing rules can be observed
  • To enable the tracking and tracing of contacts
  • To maintain rules on personal hygiene (e.g. hand-sanitising, sneezing/coughing etiquette)

The Hygiene Concept includes a cleaning and disinfecting plan, a ventilation concept without the recirculation of air, and a parking concept that avoids the risk of congregations. The restaurants and refreshment points at the exhibition centre will observe the latest regulations for the hospitality industry.

All measures and requirements will be communicated to all participants in a transparent manner in the run-up to the event.

The exhibitors, visitors and service providers entering the exhibition area will be registered for track and trace purposes so that they can be contacted if a case of Covid-19 is identified. As a result, visitors attending Spielwarenmesse® 2021 will be required to purchase their tickets and pre-register online in advance of the fair. Only one-day e-tickets will be available. Tickets will not be sold at the cash desk.

The following groups will be excluded from attending Spielwarenmesse® 2021:

  • People who have had contact with COVID-19 cases in the past 14 days
  • People with acute, non-specific general symptoms and any respiratory symptoms, mild or severe

Exhibitors or visitors at the event who develop symptoms that could be associated with the onset of Covid-19 must leave the site immediately.

A mask covering the nose and mouth should be worn indoors. It is mandatory to carry and wear a mask indoors, irrespective of whether the minimum social distance can be maintained. Spielwarenmesse eG will have a limited supply of face coverings at the entrances.

At the exhibition stands, face masks may be removed at the table as long as the minimum social distance of 1.5 m can be maintained safely. In this instance, the exhibitor will be required to file the contact details of these business partners separately. 

There are no restrictions for individual halls or areas in terms of visitor numbers. There is a recommended maximum number of visitors based on the total area of the exhibition grounds. Given the visitor figures of previous years, no restrictions are to be expected. 

Information for exhibitors in connection with COVID-19

The official social distancing and hygiene regulations for public spaces and retail also apply to all participants. This includes maintaining a social distance of at least 1.5 m, ensuring appropriate hand hygiene, wearing face masks, observing the sneezing/coughing etiquette and greeting rituals such as shaking hands to be avoided.

There are no obligations to design your stand space in a specific way. Social distancing and hygiene rules should, however, be considered when planning your stand. It would be advisable, for example, to provide hand sanitizers at your stand.

Exhibitors should appoint a member of staff responsible for ensuring that hygiene and social distancing measures are being observed. The same rules apply during the setting up and dismantling of stands.

The prices for exhibiting at Spielwarenmesse® 2021 will remain unchanged. You may incur extra costs for measures that prevent the spread of coronavirus at your own exhibition stand. This might include Perspex screens, surface coverings, cleaning services, disinfectants etc. 

Should the fair have to be cancelled due to the coronavirus, we have a clear plan in place: In this instance, we will refund the exhibition fee in full.

Should the 72nd Spielwarenmesse® have to be cancelled, Spielwarenmesse eG shall waive its right as per Section 20 of the Rules for Exhibitors (Terms & Conditions) to charge up to 25% of the exhibiting fee as compensation for costs incurred. This eliminates the mutual performance obligations of the contracting parties. Spielwarenmesse eG will refund payments it has received from the exhibitor. Spielwarenmesse eG is not liable for damages and disadvantages to the exhibitor resulting from the cancellation of the exhibition. Any further claims by the contracting parties are mutually excluded.

This year, the process of hall planning is delayed by around four weeks. We are planning to send out stand space confirmations for Spielwarenmesse® 2021 from 15 October 2020. 

In this instance, please check whether your stand could be staffed by employees/partner companies located in Germany or another European country unaffected by travel restrictions. 

If this is not possible and you can also prove that there is no way you can deploy the necessary stand personnel to the Spielwarenmesse® in 2021, Spielwarenmesse eG will refund any payments already made.

Spielwarenmesse eG is not liable for damages or disadvantages to the exhibitor resulting from the exhibitor’s failure to appear at the exhibition. Any further claims by the contracting parties are mutually excluded.

Information for visitors in connection with COVID-19

Tickets can only be bought online. e-tickets go on sale on 4 November 2020 and are available for mobiles for contactless admission to the fair.

Tickets go on sale from 4 November 2020 and are only available online. Only day-specific e-tickets will be available at Spielwarenmesse® 2021. Please buy your ticket online before you travel to the fair. At Spielwarenmesse® 2021, you will not be able to buy tickets on the day.

You will not be able to buy tickets to Spielwarenmesse® 2021 on site. Please make sure you purchase your ticket online before you travel to the trade fair. Please note that the Spielwarenmesse® is a trade-only event, which is open exclusively to trade visitors.

To enable contactless admission to the exhibition and to ensure that people can be contacted quickly should there be a case of coronavirus, we are only selling e-tickets for Spielwarenmesse® 2021. No paper tickets will be available.

So that we can ascertain who is at the trade fair every day, we are only offering day-specific e-tickets for Spielwarenmesse® 2021. We are not offering tickets that are valid for the full duration of the fair.

Exhibitors are obliged to keep a contact list so that possible infection chains can be tracked and traced, should the need arise. The exhibitor is required to store this information for 30 days.

Key facts about Spielwarenmesse®

The Spielwarenmesse® in Nuremberg, Germany is the world’s leading fair for the toy industry with over 2,900 exhibitors from 68 nations and more than 70,000 trade visitors from 130 nations. Admission is restricted solely to companies trading in the branches represented at the toy fair.

The date for the next toy fair: Wednesday to Sunday, 27 – 31 January 2021, on the exhibition site in Nuremberg, Germany.

Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (last admission 5:00 pm)

Registration and tickets

No. Spielwarenmesse® is a pure trade fair, to which only the relevant trade visitors are admitted.

Trade visitors are all persons who trade in or work with toys or other products represented at Spielwarenmesse® on a commercial basis. The core target group of Spielwarenmesse® comprises trade buyers. For more details see the definition of a trade visitor.

For accreditation for Spielwarenmesse®, simply register online.

You will receive the login information for the online ticket shop to purchase tickets for the upcoming Spielwarenmesse® in early November.

No. In November, visitors from Germany receive the login data for the online ticket shop by e-mail or their permit by post.

International visitors are also contacted automatically by the relevant representative and then receive the login data to the online ticket shop.

Have you received a permit until now but in future would prefer to receive the login data for the online ticket shop by e-mail? No problem, just send us a brief e-mail to visitors@spielwarenmesse.de.

Ticket sales are only available online. The e-ticket sale will start on 4 November 2020. E-tickets enable contactless access at all entrances and cost € 19.

There will not be a cash desk at Spielwarenmesse® 2021. Please purchase your e-ticket online before you travel to the fair. You need the permit or your login data. Registered trade visitors will receive these in November.

Yes, you can use all public transport services covered by the Nuremberg integrated transport system (VGN) free of charge within the tarif zone 100/200 (city zone Nuremberg, Fürth, Stein) during Spielwarenmesse®, provided you have a valid entrance pass for the fair. 

VGN tarif zones

Visa, hotel, child care

For information about accomodation and travel packages see "travel & stay".

Visas are still required for entry into Germany from many countries. Please contact us after purchasing your ticket and we will issue an invitation letter for submission at the embassy or consulate general.

Please send your request to Marion Weiß (m.weiss@spielwarenmesse.de). Requests for personal invitations should arrive by 4 January 2021 at the latest. We regret that we cannot process inquiries received after this date.

No. Animals are not allowed on the exhibition grounds.

Your contact:

Spielwarenmesse eG

+49 911 99813-0

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No matter where you are, the mobile fair guide always gives you easy access to all the information you need for planning your personal visit to the fair.

Tip: Turn your Bluetooth on! Thus you can profit from the new iBeacon technology, which will be used at the Spielwarenmesse® for the first time.



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