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Dolls, Soft Toys

Spielwarenmesse® offers not only traditional firms such as Steiff and Zapf but also newcomers an ideal platform for presenting their dolls and plush toys to attract maximum attention. Here you will find a variety of classic and modern dolls, stuffed animals and accessories as well as license and design products. For 30 % of exhibitors, Nuremberg is the only trade fair where they exhibit their products.

“As a specialist toy retailer, it has been essential for us to visit the Spielwarenmesse over the last forty years. The complete and ever growing range and the presence of exhibitors with innovations in the dolls and soft toy segment mean it is crucial that trade visitors attend the fair. The Spielwarenmesse helps us to select the range we should offer in our shops in the new season. Without doubt, for me it is the fair where we find the widest range and innovations for our industry.”
Elizabeth Mingels, Owner, Nap-Buf, visitor from Spain
“It is important to us to showcase our new products to all customers worldwide, make contacts and then assess the market. This is also refl ected in the number of exhibitors. I don’t believe there is any brand-name company in the toy industry that does not exhibit here in Nuremberg. I consider this the number one industry gathering in the world."
NICI GmbH, Thomas Pfau, CEO, exhibitor from Germany

You can discover

In this product group you will find

  • Dolls

Baby dolls; Fashion dolls; Play dolls, other dolls; Designer / collectors' dolls; Dolls' clothing; Dolls' accessories; Dolls' furniture; Dolls' prams; Dolls' parlours and houses; Accessories for dolls' parlours/houses; Dolls' house miniatures and accessories; Punch & Judy, other puppets and theatres; Toy shops; Domestic appliances and articles for children; Hairdressing, vanity and doctors' sets, etc.; Functional dolls

  • Soft Toys

Plush, fur and fabric toys; Teddy bears; Plush and fabric articles for babies and infants; Collectors' articles; Other plush and fabric articles; Functional plush

License articles, sustainable toys and toys for people with special needs complete the product portfolio.

The Dolls, Soft Toys product group is located in hall 1.

Spielwarenmesse hall plan toy fair Nuremberg

The interactive hall plan for the Spielwarenmesse® 2020 is available from November onwards.

With more than 1 million products, including around 120,000 new toys, the Spielwarenmesse® offers a unique product variety. Read in the Toy Magazine which trends and innovations are emerging in the product group Dolls, Soft Toys.

Here you can find an overview of the top 5 countries in terms of market size and growth rate in the product group Dolls, Soft Toys.*

Top 5 market size

Dolls and Accessories

  • USA: $3.983.5 million (+ 4.5 %)
  • Brazil: $973.1 million (+ 11.8 %)
  • United Kingdom: $391.6 million (- 1.1 %)
  • France: $379.8 million (- 5.4 %)
  • Spain: $322.0 million (+ 15.2 %)

Plush Toys

  • USA: $1.419.2 million (+ 8,2 %)
  • China: $1.066.5 million (- 3,8 %)
  • United Kingdom: $250 million (- 1,2 %)
  • Germany: $235.6 million (+ 2,8 %)
  • Japan: $200 million (+ 19,5 %)

Top 5 growth rate

Dolls and Accessories

  • Ukraine: + 26,3 %
  • South Africa: + 18,3 %
  • Spain: + 15,2 %
  • Thailand: + 14,6 %
  • Argentina: + 12,6 %

Plush Toys

  • Mexico: + 20,2 %
  • Japan: + 19,5 %
  • South Africa: + 11,6 %
  • Thailand: + 11,5 %
  • Argentina: + 10,9 %

*Source: Euromonitor International, 2016/2017 (updated August 2018)

Gallery: Dolls, Soft Toys

Contact for returning exhibitors:

Marlene Hösch

+49 911 99813-26

Contact for new exhibitors:

Sabrina Endres

+49 911 99813-10

Contact for new exhibitors:

Arthur Wagner

+49 911 99813-46


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