Spielwarenmesse: Toy Business Forum 2020

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Toy Business Forum 2020


Toy Know-How für die Spielwarenbranche

The Toy Business Forum 2020 brought you exciting presentations and talks on themes that are of genuine interest to the toy industry. High-calibre international speakers brought you up to date on all the relevant themes free of charge – current developments in the market, the latest trends from the world of trading and toys, as well as change management and marketing.

You could not attend the presetations during the Spielwarenmesse? Watch selected webcasts from the Toy Business Forum 2020 here.

Reyne Rice
Reyne Rice, ToyTrends, New York/USA

What's next in toys, games and kids technology: Come experience a visual cavalcade of new ideas, trends and technologies shaping kids' toys, play products and experiences in 2020 and beyond. Explore emerging trends with a global perspective, and be inspired by the latest generation of toys, games and play! Gain new knowledge, meet new players, and be inspired.

Reyne Rice is a world-renowned global trend hunter & CEO/founder of ToyTrends, a journalist published in 60+ countries, and Co-President of the Int’l Toy Trade Magazine Association. She travels the globe with a keen eye for focusing on new play trends and emerging kid’s technologies. She attends 24+ trade shows annually and is a keynote speaker at 20+ global events.



Clara Blasco,
AIJU. Technological Institute for Children´s products & leisure,

How is sustainability understood by new parenting styles and translated into the toys and games sector? The speech will reveal the main findings of the European research on changes in the awareness of sustainability. Examples of products will be provided and reasons given why Millennial parents are demanding them. The talk will highlight how to create business opportunities through new materials.

Clara Blasco is a design & trend researcher at AIJU. She has worked as a designer, UX researcher and lecturer. She detects user insights and trends to advise toy and childcare companies, coordinates R&D projects and facilitates innovation workshops from a Design Thinking perspective. She has written several publications. She is currently doing a PhD on innovation management in the toy industry.

Richard Gottlieb
Richard Gottlieb, Global Toy Experts, New York/USA

Demographic shifts in population plus structural shifts in how the world does business means that the toy industry must anticipate inevitable change and adapt to it. A look at how the toy industry can take advantage of a changing world and prosper.

Richard Gottlieb is the CEO of Global Toy Experts, founded in 1994, which provides consulting services to U.S. and international toy companies. Richard is also the publisher of Global Toy News, a web-based magazine founded in 2009, co-producer of the annual Toy Talks Forum in Shenzhen, China and co-anchor of The Playground Podcast.



Caroline Zöller
Caroline Zöller, Forteam Kommunikation GmbH, Köln

A journey into retail concepts and digital applications that wow customers in the form of installations that serve the need for information, facilitate infinite product variety or offer premium service quality. A glance at the concepts clearly shows that just one screen on its own is not enough. Find out what works in terms of digitalisation, what it is better to forego and what is coming down the tracks.

Caroline Zöller is the Founder of the Forteam Communications Agency. As a lecturer at the Retail Academy, she focuses on the topic of digitalisation and helps to organise workshops, seminars and store tours. She favours concepts that prioritise customer needs over technology.



Kevin Proesel
Kevin Proesel, Saint Elmo's, Berlin

The era of holographic storytelling has dawned and Kevin Proesel shows how mixed, virtual and augmented reality are creating new opportunities for presentations and experiences. As powerful mobile devices become increasingly ubiquitous, web-based AR in particular will prove a key technology for consumer experiences in the future. He highlights the seamless media changes from print or packaging to AR that this will facilitate and what this will ultimately mean in terms of a paradigm shift from content marketing to discovery marketing.

Kevin Proesel has been part of the Saint Elmo’s Group since 2008. He has played a significant role in the agency’s focus on holographic content. His team has been creating seamless augmented reality experiences for brands and products since 2016.





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