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The TrendGallery: a visitor magnet

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Explore Nature, Team Spirit and Just for Fun: with these three industry trends, Spielwarenmesse® 2018 will show just which toys are particularly hot at the moment. Exhibitors will be able to present their product innovations in an eye-catching way by displaying them in the TrendGallery. The Danish company SmartGurlz made use of this opportunity for its eponymous product at the Spielwarenmesse® 2017 and registered itself for the 2017 "Girl Power" trend. Sharmi Albrechtsen, CEO of SmartGurlz, was very satisfied with the impact that the TrendGallery had on the trade visitors.

Spielwarenmesse®: Ms Albrechtsen, why did you decide to go for a secondary display option at TrendGallery?

Sharmi Albrechtsen: We had the honour of being invited to do so, since our SmartGurlz product is the perfect fit for the trend and we were very excited to be part of the live demonstration.

Trend Girl Power - Smart Gurlz
SmartGurlz trend presentation at the TrendGallery

How well did the "Girl Power" trend fit in with your SmartGurlz?

S.A.: They're the perfect match! SmartGurlz is about "Girl Power" – our mission is to inspire girls to play with technology and to program it, but on their own terms. By providing girls with programming skills, we're giving them the chance to shape and form the future of technology.

What was the feedback of visitors to your product on the "Girl Power" trend island like?

S.A.: We had a huge response from the visitors, who were able to watch our products live and try them out. We also incorporated pictures and videos in our social media websites.

Had you heard of the TrendGallery before and do you like the area?

S.A.: We love the TrendGallery! On the one hand, it's a beautifully designed area, which displays the latest trends perfectly. On the other hand, it's the centre of the Spielwarenmesse – this is where everyone comes together to listen to the talks and discussions.

Would you use the option of a secondary display in the TrendGallery again if your product was in line with the 2018 trends?

S.A.: Yes, it was a great experience. The presenters were very professional and knew a lot about our products. They had really learnt how to use our SugarCoded app.

So would you say that you can look back on a successful Spielwarenmesse 2017?

S.A.: The Spielwarenmesse is really impressive – you meet buyers and colleagues from all over the world here. We're rather a new player, but we felt very welcome by the other participants and by the Spielwarenmesse itself.


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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.