Spielwarenmesse: Generate social media reach with perfect Instagram moments at your stand

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Generate social media reach with perfect Instagram moments at your stand

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Instagram is booming! The online photo and video sharing service is popular first and foremost with Generations Y and Z. It's where you’ll find the next business generation running around. By incorporating your Instagram account into your plans for the trade fair, both the online and offline faces of your business can benefit each other.

The lighthouse in a sea of stands

great fair booth for pictures

There are countless exhibitors at a trade fair. Why should visitors take photos of your stand and not someone else's? What type of stand would your average fair visitor want to take a photo of? The most basic requirement is to have an attractive display. But to stand out from the crowd, you have to offer visitors that little bit more than your competitors do. It's worth thinking at the design stage about the “icing on the cake” that will prompt your business’s target audience to whip out their phones. Either the stand itself will be that prompt, or it has to be supplemented with a suitable Instagram campaign.

If you do decide to make your presence at the fair itself into Instagram art, you can work on the motif. It has to be unique and unmistakable. It also has to reflect the core strengths of the business, or what is associated with them. A photo will always raise interest in the business behind the motif. At the same time, the interest that is aroused generates clicks on the corresponding Instagram profile. Let visitors know that they are allowed and encouraged to take photos with the motif. Use photo points, the right signage and floor stickers pointing out the perfect position for a snapshot to complete the Instagram feature.

Last minute ideas for Instagram moments

In case your designs for Spielwarenmesse 2020 are already finalised, or you’re still missing that special something to “dot the i’s and cross the t’s”, here are a few ideas that don’t involve changing the structure of your stand.

Selfie with walking acts

Wandering walking acts

A walking act is an attraction that plays its part out on the exhibition floor, away from the stand itself. In other words, it’s a “walking photo motif”. You can create even more contact points with fair visitors by using roaming walking acts. If the business is a franchisee, then there is the opportunity to draw attention to the franchise using the corresponding franchise figures.

Coveted give-aways

Why not promote your own Instagram presence with an exclusive give away? An example of this would be where visitors to the stand get to go home with a unique product if they are able to provide a key word that they can find out by following the Instagram account.

Competition creates interaction

The aim is, of course, also to come into contact with visitors to the fair. A competition is an efficient way of doing just that. The exhibitor creates a challenge that Instagram users can approach in their own individual way, such as a photo competition. This generates creative content that your business can then use in an Instagram Story. As the number of participants increases, so too will the reach of your presence at the trade fair.

Creativity knows no boundaries

The more left field the ideas are that an exhibitor has for their chosen campaign, the higher the chances ultimately are that it will be widely shared. Of course, you have to make sure that what you choose to do also suits your business and feels natural.

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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.