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Movers & shakers

Standing out from the crowd in the TrendGallery

from Spielwarenmesse eG

Alex Hochstrasser is a self-professed repeat offender in the TrendGallery at the Spielwarenmesse®. The designer and founder of MOLUK GmbH also exhibited his products at the “Ready, Steady, Play” trend island in 2019. He tells us about his experiences of why the TrendGallery is the perfect platform for exhibitors to shine a spotlight on their products.

What opportunities does the additional presentation of products in the TrendGallery open up for you as an exhibitor?

Alex Hochstrasser

Alex Hochstrasser: The TrendGallery is a showcase for trends and novelties. Especially for smaller companies like MOLUK, it offers an extra chance to attract attention through intelligent products and outstanding design, and to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

You had already taken part in 2015 with products in the “Express yourself” trend, and now again in 2019. Have you noticed a growth in the importance of the TrendGallery for trade visitors?

A. H.: The Spielwarenmesse is huge. Hardly any visitor has the time to visit all the halls. The TrendGallery makes it possible to get a quick overview of the most important innovations and is often the first port of call for visitors. I think people are seeing the value of it more and more.

What influence has participation in the trend islands had on your success at the trade fair so far?

A. H.: MOLUK has espoused the concepts of innovation and good design. Within the setting of the TrendGallery, we can present new product ideas in the optimum way and, by doing so, reach a wider audience.

Nigi Nagi Nogi Silikon Beißringe, Moluk GmbH
Nigi Nagi Nogi Silicon teething rings, Moluk GmbH

You presented your tactile teething rings Nigi, Nagi & Nogi™ in 2019 in a showcase. What is your experience with this form of participation?

A. H.: We had very positive feedback from visitors. The presentation caught the eye of a lot of people and motivated them to come visit our stand. Admittedly, there are already countless teething rings on the market but our collection surprised people with new ideas and a dash of humour.

Free play is an important part of product design in your company. Your products first show their potential for play through child’s play itself, not through a static presentation. How do you present your products at the trade fair under these conditions?

A. H.: Our convictions about the environment and educational play mean that we develop toys that defy the established narrow categories. They are objects that invite you to play, regardless of age or gender, and which grow with the child. In order to illustrate the multitude of possibilities, we incorporate a lot of video. You have to see the toys in action to realise the potential they hold.

Oogi Family, Moluk
Nigi Nagi Nogi Silicon teething rings, Moluk GmbH

The design of your products catches everyone’s attention. What do you recommend other exhibitors to do, other than taking part in the TrendGallery, to catch the attention of retailers at the Spielwarenmesse?

A. H.: Social media presence is an important factor. Even before the trade fair, lots of visitors gather information about innovations and trends on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It is also possible to score points here with independent, well-designed products.

Thank you very much for speaking with us, Alex Hochstrasser.

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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.