Spielwarenmesse: Interview Scoot & Ride: The ToyAward attracts dealers' attention

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Der ToyAward auf der Spielwarenmesse 2015
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Movers & shakers

Interview Scoot & Ride: The ToyAward attracts dealers' attention

from Spielwarenmesse eG

Every year the Spielwarenmesse® awards the ToyAward. This prize, presented at the Spielwarenmesse® for innovative toy ideas, is an internationally recognised prize awarded by an expert jury consisting of influential people from the toy industry. We talked to Christoph Lechner, Head of Sales at Scoot & Ride GmbH. His company was one of the ToyAward 2015 winners.

Spielwarenmesse®: Mr Lechner, what does the winning of the ToyAward mean to you?

Christoph Lechner: Being selected as a winner of the ToyAward was a very special honour. We have already won the ISPO Family Award, the Red Dot Design Award and recently the Tillywig Toy Award Sterling – but the Spielwarenmesse® ToyAward is something really special.

You won the ToyAward 2015 in the pre-school category with your product Highwayfreak. What other benefits does this prize bring for your company? Have there been other successes?

C. L.: The benefits were enormous. We had our hands full at the Spielwarenmesse® just trying to talk to all the potential customers and other people who were interested in our products.
We acquired some international key accounts and distributors directly at the fair. And we are still being asked about the prize and receive inquiries from all over the world, including retailers.
In addition, the ToyAward has attracted the attention of dealers and the toy industry as a whole to our entire product range. In short: Whereas we were a newbie before, now people know us.

How did you find out about the ToyAward and what made you decide to enter for it?

C. L.: As a young company you always have to try to draw attention to yourself in the most cost-efficient way. Awards at trade fairs are the best ways of doing this. So it was only logical that we participated in the ToyAward the first time we exhibited our products at the Spielwarenmesse®.

Are you working on another new product at the moment that you could enter for the ToyAward again?

C. L.: Yes. At the moment we are working on 3 revolutionary products that have the potential to revolutionise the scooter and push-bike market.
As soon as we have finished our development work, they will be premièred at the Spielwarenmesse® and we will submit them for the award.

How important is the ToyAward in the toy industry?

C. L.: In our opinion the ToyAward is very important and, what's more, it is extremely well-known. I think this is because of the way products are presented at the fair itself, which is really great, as well as the comprehensive media coverage of the award.

Why would you recommend other companies to submit products for the ToyAward?

C. L.: Quite simply because: There's nothing to lose, but everything to win.
If you're not nominated, it doesn't mean the product is bad or that it is not accepted by the market.
But if the product is nominated or, better still, wins, this means you've really hit the zeitgeist. It means you've developed something that has touched the nerve of the industry and attracted the interest of the market.

Have you developed a real innovation for the toy industry? Submit your innovation for the ToyAward 2016 now and attract the world’s attention to your products.


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