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Slime Korea – ein Innovatives Store Konzept


Slime Korea – an innovative store concept

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Due to the corona pandemic all shops were closed in the last few weeks, but now the first stores with protection concepts are allowed to reopen in many countries. The aim is to gradually open up the retail trade in order to slowly return to normality. In general, shopping for toys often takes place from the comfort of one’s own home today, which is why retailers need to think up something new and original to attract customers into their stores. So what can retailers offer customers that the internet can't? Our society craves experiences; it craves moments you can share with your family and friends. And therein lies the answer. It is for this reason that Slime Korea came up with something really special and opened the world's first slime café – a store concept of a rather different kind.

What is a slime café?

Slime Café

A slime café is not just a store in which you can buy slime, it’s a place where you can play with it to your heart's content. The really special thing about the slime café, however, is that children have the opportunity to make their own slime. Tastes are different and children's scope for creativity is huge, so they can design their own really individual product using different bases, parts, pigments and fragrances. What’s more, it takes place in the company of family or friends, rather than alone in the child’s room at home.

The beginnings of the slime café project

CEO Lim Sae-mi

CEO Lim Sae-mi was posting regularly about her home-made slime projects on her social media channels. Producing slime was originally just a hobby of hers but people wanted to touch the slime and play with it. At first, Lim Sae-mi sold only a small number of products but, as more and more people became aware of it, demand increased. At this point in time, there were not yet any suppliers in Korea who specialised in slime. Out of the high demand, however, one problem became clear: people were looking for very different products. In order to solve this problem, Lim Sae-mi opened the slime café and in doing so created a platform where the materials needed for producing slime are available, giving customers the chance to produce their own personalised slime. With the slime café, Lim Sae-mi opened a store which does more than simply sell products – it also offers customers an experience.

SLKO today

new store ideas

The innovative store concept has proved to be successful and has become one of the most interesting and unique cafés in Seoul. The shop has almost become a minor tourist attraction for the city. The success led to the opening of more cafés and there are now some 30 branches.

SLKO already has more ideas in mind for the future, too. Since the experience factor plays an important role in the café, it is this aspect that will be developed further. Customers can expect to see content that promotes children’s creativity, or studio zones in which kids can take photos or make videos with different props, integrated into the store concept. This conceptual evolution offers the customer a fresh experience and keeps enticing them back to the café time and time again in order to garner new one-of-a-kind moments.


I hope the slime café is a place that gives happiness to people.

Lim Sae-mi, CEO SLKO

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