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Toy Trends 2020


2020 toy trend – Toys for Future

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The “Fridays for Future” student demonstrations have managed to do what many politicians and environmental initiatives have been trying to do for years – raise the public’s awareness about climate protection on a global level. We only have one Earth and it cannot be replaced. Even younger children are receptive to play involving the topics of environmental awareness, sustainability and renewable energies. Whether through children’s books, science kits or board games, topics like wind power and recycling can be explained really easily using toys. And toys with a modern design but which are made from ecological materials such as corn starch, sugar cane, old plastic bottles or sawdust ensure an environmentally conscious playtime.

The “Toys for Future” trend brings children closer to the topics of sustainability and environmental awareness in a playful way.

girl plays with “Ocean Buddies” rattles by Tikiri

The colourful “Ocean Buddies” rattles by Tikiri are made by hand from the purest home-grown natural rubber on the island of Sri Lanka in an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. They are biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals. The rattles serve as a teething toy and ensure lots of bath-time fun, are easily gripped, long-lasting and engage all of baby's senses. Tikiri supports the organisation “Plastic Oceans”, who have made it their mission to fight against plastic waste in the sea.

boy plays with “Pull-Along Recycling Truck” from EverEarth

Children up to 3 years old can have fun while learning something about recycling, sorting rubbish, sustainability and our environment with the “Pull-Along Recycling Truck” from EverEarth. The truck is made of FSC® certified wood and water-based and saliva-proof paint. A total of six different types of waste can be sorted into the designated slots in the wooden toy. All of EverEarth’s products have packaging made from recycled materials. As part of sustainability, the longevity of the products is very important to the manufacturer.

children plays with “Clip-it” from Waste Is More SAS

The French company Waste Is More SAS combines playtime fun with thoughts about recycling with “Clip-it”. Children from the age of four can use the Clip-it pegs to combine plastic bottle tops from milk cartons or water bottles, for example, into colourful figures. The clips are even made out of old bottle caps too. In this way, even the most everyday items can be made into an exciting toy through child-like imagination, while at the same time teaching children about environmental awareness.

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