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the WOW Effect


2019 toy trend: the WOW Effect

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Even the smallest of gifts can make children jump for joy. Filled with curiosity, they shake and rattle the little package, trying to guess what might be inside. They listen, squeeze and feel it until they can bear it no longer. Once they’ve run out of guesses, they tear open the wrapping and the secret is finally revealed. Sometimes, the suspense may even continue if the toy itself has a surprise up its sleeve, just waiting to be discovered.

Special features bring a look of wonder to children’s faces and heighten the fun derived from their toy. Astounding effects are achieved in many different ways – with changing temperatures, water, technological gadgetry or transformations.

The trend known as “The WOW Effect” encompasses products that intensify the fun factor with surprising gimmicks or whose true content is only revealed once the product has been unpacked.


What’s tapping inside the shell? The HatchiBabies from Spinmaster are designed for children aged five years and over. The question is: Will it be a boy or a girl? The more the egg is moved, stroked and cherished, the more excited the baby inside becomes. Even before it is born, it communicates through the shell and gradually pushes its way out of the egg. Once the HatchiBaby has hatched, it continues to develop, responding to loving care and affection. Three interactive accessories enhance the overall play value, unlocking new reactions along the way.

[Translate to English:] Craze Magic Slime Dinorex

The Craze Magic Slime Dinorex is slime with a surprise. As the name suggests, this product combines two popular children’s themes: slime and dinosaurs. Every tin contains one of six collectible dinosaurs submerged in slime in six pearlescent colours reminiscent of real lava, rock or prehistoric algae.

[Translate to English:] PLAYMOGRAM 3D Prinzessin Eiskristall / Playmobil

Magical sculptures can be created with the Ice Princess Playmogram 3D from Playmobil where the realm of princesses is shrouded in glittery mystery. Children aged six years and over can immerse themselves in the magical world of ice and design virtual ice sculptures with the help of the hologram effect on their smartphones or tablets and the free Playmogram 3D app. The digital play experience starts with a tap of the finger.

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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.