Spielwarenmesse: From start-up to first-time exhibitor on the inter­national stage

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From start-up to first-time exhibitor on the inter­national stage

from Spielwarenmesse eG

What began in the small Israeli town of Holon with one young student and a few zippers has grown into an up-and-coming company today. Having ventured into the area of tech toys, ZIPIT set a course for the future at the Spielwarenmesse®.

Ishay Halmut faced quite a challenge in 2003. His industrial design professor had given the class an assignment to create a product that could be mass produced but would still boast a simple and clever design. Ishay got to work. After many days and nights, he had it:

“I’ll transform a two-dimensional object into something three-dimensional!”.

It only took two simple modifications to the traditional process of sewing a zipper for him to come up with his ZIPIT Zipper pencil case – the first of its kind. One long zipper is resown in such a way that a bag, a little pencil case or a rucksack are gradually formed while closing the zip. The company was founded two years later: ZIPIT was born.

Stepping onto the international stage

ZIPIT has achieved a great deal since. Following its initial moves into international markets in 2006/2007, the first product line was already on sale in five countries one year later. Then one thing followed another. The figure grew to 15 countries in 2009 and another line for children and students was added. Within another year, the number of distribution countries and also product lines had already doubled. Following its début in 2012, the Monster family line quickly proved a hit with young and old around the world.

From strength to strength with Tech2Play

ZIPIT Interactive Coloring and Activity Book

ZIPIT continues to go from strength to strength. With distribution in more than 30 countries now, in the world’s major retail chains and soon in its own shops, ZIPIT keeps growing and reinventing its diverse range of products. ZIPIT has now ventured into the area of tech toys with its interactive colouring book, débuted at the Spielwarenmesse® 2017. Children can use the colouring book to bring their own creative works to life, share them with their friends and adorn them with digital stickers, frames and filters.

ZIPIT was able to draw particular attention to its product by presenting it in the Tech2Play special area first introduced in 2017.

“As we were only exhibiting one of our products in the Tech2Play area, this allowed us to really demonstrate it in a much more detailed way. We were still able to give potential customers the option of checking out our full product range at our main stand, which can be a bit overwhelming in terms of the sheer variety on offer.”

ZIPIT is hoping to exhibit in the Tech2Play special area again next year to really showcase the company: “Everyone who exhibits there boosts their profile and benefits from increased interest at their main stand.”


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