Spielwarenmesse: Fun and innovative toys to play with in the bath

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kleines Mädchen spielt in der Badewanne mit Kinderspielzeug


Fun and innovative toys to play with in the bath

from Maria Costa

As families are buying more toys for the bath the industry is truly innovating in this area, creating very unique and original toys to play with in the water. These toys are giving tools to parents, who have little time during the day to be with their children, to enjoy bath time. Instead of an activity that too many times is full of struggle, toys are offering great possibilities to convert the routine into good quality interactive family time.

All materials welcome to the water!

Most companies decide to use plastic as the most logical material for a tub toy. However, innovations are also been made in this area, for instance with toys that are manufactured with recycled plastics (boats by Plantoys) or natural rubber (Lanco).

Bath toy in the form of a flower
Natural Rubber toy by Lanco Toys
Bath toy made of natural rubber in different shapes

There are also wonderful possibilities beyond plastic. At the latest Spielwarenmesse®, exhibitors showed a broad variety of materials used for this kind of toys. For instance, Lilliputiens bath toys are made with hygienic neoprene. The company presented Anatole bath panel 1-2-3 with beautiful illustrations and graphics. It is a crocodile that is attached to the bathtub and can be used not only to play but also to learn numbers, quantities and colors. Another company that also stands out for its elaborate designs and the original use of materials is Elou Cork Toys. They develop very appealing products made from cork, and also have a series of water resistant toy boats.

A cork ship as a children's toy for the bath tub
Cork Toys by Elou
Children's toys for the bathtub
Bath toys by Lilliputiens

High-end design for a big range of toy categories to play in the tub

Several companies are creating versions of their core toys for bathtub play. I am talking about every kind of toy you can imagine; building sets, dolls, puppets, vehicles, and much more. In some cases these toys are also highlighted by their unique designs.

black and white bathtub toy for children in the water
Boi by Moluk

The elegant open-ended designs by Moluk give children plenty of opportunities to develop their imagination. In 2018, they are introducing Boi, a wobble toy that also floats in the water, to the market.

Another company, Alex toys, has so much fun for the tub that is difficult to choose only a few examples. They have products to color toys and clean them while in the tub (Color me clean!), golf converted into a tub game (Lil' Putters in the Tub), cars, musical toys, puzzles, figures, e.g.

Haba has also already created a very complete line of original products to play with in water. I especially like its Bubble Bath Whisk, a fun-for-sure kind of toy with which the kid can whisk the water in the tub creating waves and bubbles all around.

Bath stories by Tiger tribe are gorgeously illustrated EVA puzzle pieces that engage children into imagining their own stories while soaking in the water. Other companies and products worth checking are Yookidoo, Skip hop, or Kids II with their line Oball H20.

A toy for the bath, with which water can be stirred
Bubble Bath Whisk by Haba
a floating turtle for the bathtub
Wind 'n swim turtle, Oball H20, Kids II

Bath time toys, appealing for all ages

Toys to play with during the bath are usually related to younger ages, and most products in the market are focused on this young target group. However, interesting proposals give older children the opportunity to continue having fun during bath time.

With concepts related to science and creativity Sentosphère has games La Chimie des Savons (the chemistry of soaps), to make your own soap to clean yourself with. The same company has also developed games such as the Spa Lab, which is based on the idea of spas and girly girl products. These are games to play with before and during the bath, and are targeted to children 8 and up. But without much competition, the opportunity is latent.


Thanks to the great products the industry is offering, children are playing in surprising and amazing ways while taking a bath. These great products help the whole family enjoy this daily activity more than ever. No doubt, the bathtub is becoming a great play area, with many opportunities for toy manufacturers to introduce their splashing playing ideas in the market.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Spielwarenmesse eG.

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Maria Costa, AIJU

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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.