Spielwarenmesse: Global license trends 2018: Spain, Italy, Russia, USA

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Weltweite Lizenztrends 2018: Spanien, Italien, Russland, USA


Global license trends 2018: Spain, Italy, Russia, USA

from Spielwarenmesse eG

Which licensing trends are making a big splash? The Spielwarenmesse® and the editors-in-chief and publishers of licensing publications give an answer. The licensing experts shine a spotlight on the developments and meta-trends they expect to make a big impact in various countries.

Licensing trends in Spain

in cooperation with Emili Alsina, Publisher

Professionals in quest of reliable licenses

Professionals expect subdued growth in licensing sales in Spain for 2018. The modest economic recovery, the increase in launches, greater publicity and the introduction of new concepts and technologies will contribute to the increase in sales. Licensees and retailers take into account factors such as brand value and a good aesthetic when it comes to choosing licenses. Betting for safe licenses continues to be a trend in the market.

Convincing consumers with characters and media impact

Consumers are still looking for the best price/performance ratio when buying licensed products. They usually prioritise character, quality and price. Classic licenses are likely to become more successful, though no specific property is expected to lead the market.

The consumer is exposed to a lot of content nowadays. Acknowledging this, there is a boom in quality, digital strategies and new technologies. Their importance will continue to grow, as they are a key factor in drawing consumer attention to a product.

Children want characters that will help them stand out

Children are the main driver of licensed product sales. Licenses boost a product’s image, allowing the owner to stand out within their peer group.

Licensing trends in Italy

in cooperation with Silvia Balduzzi, Direttore

High-flying team: entertainment and licensed products

In Italy, the number of products featuring properties from the field of entertainment is fast growing. This holds for toys, apparel, fashion accessories, video games and apps. At the same time, trade magazine Toy Store has spotted a distinctive element in the Italian licensing market which will continue in 2018: the concentration of licenses for 2- to 5-year-olds, with a predominance of branded products targeted at boys.

Soaring: licensed products for boys

Let’s take a closer look at the brands appealing to the 2- to 5-year old boy target group. Cars 3 will stay in the fast lane in 2018 following the movie’s great success in Italian cinemas last September. Mickey Mouse is going to have a big party: Disney is celebrating the popular mouse’s 90th birthday this year with a big relaunch of Mickey Mouse and the Roadster Racers.

Movie releases fuel properties

2018 movie releases will inspire further properties such as Star Wars, Avengers, Spiderman, Barbie, PJ Masks, Paw Patrol and the Incredibles 2. Furthermore, 2019 movie releases with SpongeBob, the Minions, Dragons and Disney’s Frozen Princess are hotly anticipated, with high-impact licensing plans in the works.

Licensing trends in Russia

in cooperation with Francesca Ash, Publisher

Soccer fever spreads across Russia

Goal! According to trade magazine Total Licensing, one major licensing theme will dominate the industry in Russia this year: the 2018 FIFA World Cup taking place there. The Megalicense agency from Moscow was selected to handle all retail and licensing activities for both the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and the FIFA World Cup, taking place in June and July 2018.

Licensing programme kicks off

The agency’s programme includes the production of official licensed products as well as the opening of official fan shops in Russia. A number of licensing deals were signed early on with Hatber, Luminarc, Confitrade, Ostin, Sportmaster, Finn Flare, Zenden and more. Megalicense opened the first fan shop ahead of the Confederations Cup in Moscow. This carried products for both competitions.

In addition, Megalicense opened the first store carrying official FIFA World Cup merchandise only at the Central Children’s Store in Moscow. Product lines carried include balls, apparel, magnets, stationery, souvenirs, cards, glassware, plush toys and more. A further store is set to open soon in St. Petersburg.

Determined to beat the licensing record

As the largest licensing agency in Russia, working with well-known international brands, Megalicense has promised to deliver an outstanding licensing programme and fan experience for the tournament. FIFA will be looking to top the records set by the retail and licensing programme for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The programme ran in 189 countries with, in total, more than 100 official tournament stores selling over 150 million officially licensed products manufactured by 160 licensees around the world.

Licensing trends in the USA

in cooperation with Steven Ekstract, Group Publisher

Retro meets tomorrow: evolving consumer base sways US licensing trends

In surveying the toy offerings at retail in the US – both licensed and proprietary – some trends are emerging in late 2017 that License Global expects to continue throughout the new year.

A perennial trend is retro

Let’s face it, parents love the idea of reliving aspects of their childhood through their own kids, and now, with Millennials coming of age full-swing in both purchasing power and in terms of child-rearing, late eighties and early nineties properties are having a renaissance. Products such as Teddy Ruxpin and Cabbage Patch Kids (both from Wicked Cool Toys) are making a comeback in a big way.

Another hot, must-have toy property that is back is Tickle Me Elmo from Playskool, in partnership with Sesame Workshop. The lovable red monster factored on hot holiday toy lists from all major retailers in 2017.

Pokémon, another nineties brand, which started 30 years ago with lo-fi playing cards, has evolved to meet its new audience where it is – on mobile. The new augmented reality game, “Pokémon Go”, gave the property a boost in 2016 and transitioned it again into the spotlight and onto more traditional hard and soft goods.

Entertainment brands adapt to the US’s evolving consumer base

According to the Pew Research Center, there are 56.5 million people of Hispanic descent in the US (as of its most recent 2015 survey) – in 1980, that population made up just 6.5 percent. The US Census Bureau’s latest numbers estimate that close to 18 percent of the total US population is Hispanic. To meet the desires of the growing Hispanic population, big entertainment brands such as Nickelodeon are evolving their offerings. In autumn 2017, Nick partnered with Encantos Media Studios to expand the bilingual baby brand Canticos into consumer products. The partnership is a first for Nick in many ways, both in its entrance into the infant market and its evolving style of integrating external brands into its core DNA.


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