Spielwarenmesse: Green fair – save costs with a sustainable trade fair presence

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Green fair – save costs with a sustainable trade fair presence

from Spielwarenmesse eG

A good business reputation is part and parcel of successful customer relationships. A green strategy with sustainable production and environmental goals can leave a lasting impression on both business customers and consumers. Spielwarenmesse eG and its partner NürnbergMesse have been pioneers in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable trade fair attendance. Exhibitors can also make a contribution and draw positive attention to themselves with a "green" trade fair presence at the Spielwarenmesse®.

Recently, NürnbergMesse was successfully certified to DIN EN ISO 50001, the energy management system, for the second year running. The ISO 50001 is a worldwide standard, officially launched in Germany in 2011. It specifies the requirements a company needs to satisfy when launching and implementing an energy management system. Its objectives include the steady improvement of companies' energy-related services, the reduction of costs and the optimisation of energy efficiency and energy use.

Corporate social responsibility is not just a buzzword but a requirement for Spielwarenmesse eG, too. A holistic concept has been developed that embraces the three pillars of sustainability: the environmental, social and economic aspects. The aim is, inter alia, to conserve resources responsibly and reduce emissions, both during and after the fair.

The trade fair carpet as a raw material for toys

A trade fair not only leaves behind a lot of exciting impressions and new contacts with its visitors, but also an abundance of waste. Every year, around 8 million square metres of trade fair carpet are laid and disposed of after a single use in Germany alone.

Trade fair carpets are usually manufactured as "disposable products" and are not suitable for re-laying. The thin carpeting is kept taut by affixing it to the floor with double-sided sticky tape. After very busy exhibition days, the carpet is so warped and dirty that it cannot be relaid and disposal is the only option.

Spielwarenmesse eG is now backing the sustainable use of raw materials and its trade fair carpets – made of 100% polypropylene – are recycled after use. After being taken up, the carpets are pressed into bales and taken to a special recycling plant, where they checked, shredded and made into polypropylene granules. These granules are mainly used in the plastics industry, including in the manufacture of toys. And so the used trade fair carpets of last year may find their way back to Spielwarenmesse® – in the display cases of individual exhibitors.

Exhibitors can contribute to the success of a sustainable trade fair presence

While the general cleaning of the exhibition halls is arranged by the organizers, the Spielwarenmesse® offers exhibitors the chance to choose between different booth-cleaning options. Exhibitors can opt, for example, for the basic cleaning of their booth, glass and wall or to have them cleaned daily.

Environmentally conscious exhibitors can reduce their disposal costs during the entire event, especially during the construction and dismantling phase. As exhibitors are responsible for the waste of their booth space, it is beneficial if they produce as little waste as possible and separate rubbish.

A green trade fair presence starts before the trade fair

A keyword for sustainability here is "green partnering". Even when selecting their service partners, exhibitors can pay attention to sustainability. From logistics companies through to printing, environmental awareness and the sustainable use of resources should be ensured. Promotional materials can be printed on environmentally friendly paper with the FSC logo. And this can also be combined with cost optimisation through material efficiency.

Motto: "avoid – reduce – reuse – recycle"

Also in the field of customer service and marketing campaigns, a "green" strategy saves resources on the one hand and, on the other, impresses customers. For example, exhibitors can pay attention to sustainability with their catering, giveaways and promotional material. What does this mean in practice? Reusable instead of disposable tableware, fabric rather than plastic bags and pencils instead of pens. Decoration materials and transport packaging should be recyclable. Excess advertising media can be taken away and re-used.

Energy-saving lamps or green power as well as switching lights off at night are kind on the environment and the exhibition purse.

A sustainable trade fair presence offers many advantages:

  • Visibly evident environmental measures make a positive impression on visitors
  • The conscious and well-planned use of materials saves money and resources
  • Minimizing waste reduces disposal costs and protects the environment
  • Environmental awareness is a socio-political objective and demonstrates corporate responsibility
  • Environmental commitment can be "marketed" in various ways in the corporate communications mix

Incidentally, your trade fair ticket entitles you to travel on public transport in the Greater Nuremberg area. By using public transport, nothing now stands in the way of visitors and exhibitors enjoying a sustainable arrival and departure.

Step by step to environmentally friendly trade fair appearance: All measures for a green booth can also be downloaded as a compact and concise checklist.


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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.