Spielwarenmesse: Influencer Marketing: What is it and what benefits do retailers gain?

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Influencer Marketing: What is it and what benefits do retailers gain?

from BASIC thinking

Chatbots, language assistants, influencers in social networks – digitisation is constantly creating new and innovative digital methods of communication and marketing. Even brick and mortar businesses have seen some significant changes over recent decades. And this in turn has led to new trends in advertising which now comes in digital, mobile and even virtual form. Retailers discovered so-called influencer marketing for their own purposes a long time ago, and they are now exploiting one of the trendiest methods of influencing potential purchasers in their buying decisions. But what is influencer marketing and how can brick and mortar shops profit from these digital opinion makers?

What is influencer marketing?

Customers associate valuable products such as fashion, jewellery or electronics with emotions such as happiness or desire. It is these feelings in particular that advertising tries to arouse through appropriate and relevant messages. Ultimately, what customers are looking for is also an exciting shopping experience.

So-called influencers can be a great help in this regard. Influencers are people who, because of their strong online presence and their reputation in social networks, are considered to be good channels for advertising and marketing products and services.

How can the success of influencer marketing on the Internet be explained? In fact it is a popular marketing strategy that has been in use for decades: Through mouth-to-mouth propaganda, companies create more credibility and can influence exactly how, where and what information potential customers absorb. What happens is simply that customers recommend products to each other. In the social web, it is now entire communities that influence buying behaviour. An uploaded product image on Facebook or Instagram can sometimes influence future sales of a product much more than a lot of advertising campaigns.

Using the digital reach

These open recommendations to buy do not only benefit brick-and-mortar retailers. Social media stars or rather influencers benefit from this mechanism, too. A lot of them, after all, have a large circle of followers. And the influencers can use the  purchasing decisions of this circle for themselves and for the brand they are promoting.

Companies take advantage of the reputation and reach of opinion makers in order to achieve specific communication or marketing goals. Influencers can turn a product or service into a topic of conversation, recommend it to their community and, in consultation with the company, create the appropriate content for the brands presented.

These activities are in no way limited to Facebook or Instagram alone. Influencer marketing campaigns can also be implemented via blogs, forums and other networks.

Influencer marketing for brick-and-mortar businesses

Influencers can play an important role in making the online shopping experience exciting and fun. For example, they may present new fashion collections via social networks such as Instagram and if you see anything you like, you can just click on it and put it into your shopping basket.

The GoldieBlox toy brand uses do-it-yourself videos to reach out to mothers and their daughters. The specially developed YouTube series is filmed in cooperation with the relevant influencers. Additional, attractive content can be shared on the company's own channels or on the Facebook and Instagram profiles of relevant opinion makers. And finally, online activities and influencer marketing also include e-mail marketing campaigns that actively encourage parents to buy.

Influencers therefore are not just some phenomenon for the benefit of e-commerce companies. They are definitely relevant to brick-and-mortar businesses, too. Retailers shouldn’t miss out on this great opportunity to expand their customer base by presenting products or services in blogs and social networks.

Influencer marketing is a marketing tool that brick-and-mortar retailers would be foolish to avoid. The advantages such as bigger coverage for the company's products and services and significantly higher sales are hard to ignore. Closer proximity between the brand and followers creates a greater appeal, more trust and credibility. This helps brick-and-mortar retailers to improve their corporate image significantly.

The influencer must of course always fit the image of the product, the service and the target group. This gives companies another effective voice in the social media.

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