Spielwarenmesse: How Hape gains the attention of the visitors

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Walking Act Pepe von Hape


How Hape gains the attention of the visitors

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Visiting the Spielwarenmesse is always an experience. A large selection of booths, colourful decorations and a diverse product offer prove to be true eye candy. One exhibitor perfected the art of setting an attention-grabbing scene: Hape/ Toynamics Europe sends out Walking Acts and uses various media offered by the Spielwarenmesse as well as booth events to attract undecided visitors. Lisa Hilbert, in charge of marketing at Hape/ Toynamics Europe, offers us some exclusive insights.

Spielwarenmesse®: Ms Hilbert, how do you ensure that visitors who are not yet your clients become aware of you and your presentation at the trade fair?

[Translate to English:] Lisa Hilbert, die Marketingverantwortliche von Hape/Toynamics Europe

Lisa Hilbert: Our Walking Act and the accompanying give-aways help us draw in visitors and indicate to them where we are – which inspires them to pass by and take a look. Our mascot, Pepe is popular not only with children, but also with grown-ups. Beyond this we feature in various other media and promotional materials of the Spielwarenmesse such as the hall plan, in directories, on the special areas as well as Spielwarenmesse's magazine, Spirit of Play. Additionally, we are included in other known specialist media showcasing a first look at what our visitors can expect at the Spielwarenmesse.


Which measures at your booth turn the visit of prospects and customers dropping by at your booth into an experience?

L. H.: Our B2B brand, Toynamics bundles all B2C brands putting a focus on experiential marketing. In particular, this is reflected in interactive shop-in-shop solutions which we also showcase at our booth: A versatile customer journey across the Toynamics world of brands which are presented as a genuine collection of theme worlds. Beyond this, visitors can experience and test products and experiment with them to see and feel for themselves what they are like. Our year-on-year booth party is also a must-attend event. This is where the Toynamics spirit and brand can be experienced from a totally different perspective.

[Translate to English:] WalkingAct Pepe von Hape

How promising do you consider the use of extraordinary advertising measures (like Walking Acts, staircase advertising, etc.)? What is your personal experience with this?

L. H.: The Walking Act proved particularly effective for us. It is an excellent tool to lodge ourselves into the minds of those who don’t know us yet, or even of visitors who have no appointment, and to motivate them to visit us at our booth, which, so far rarely has proven to be a disappointment.

Last question: What advice do you have for other exhibitors who are hesitant about implementing special marketing measures?

L. H.:Particularly for newcomers it is very interesting to participate in special areas in order to impress visitors with their brands or products. In the end of the day, it is the products which attract visitors and which inspire them to visit the related booth, and not all the marketing magics.

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