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How to enthuse your visitors

from Spielwarenmesse eG

A great product, a well-thought-out stand and motivated staff. Do you think that’s all you can do to make your presence at the trade fair a success? NICI GmbH demonstrates what buttons an exhibitor can push to win attention from visitors and also still be a hot topic of conversation after the event. Ralph Steinert, Head of Marketing, was available to answer some of our questions about NICI’s advertising measures.

Spielwarenmesse®: Thanks for speaking with us, Mr Steinert. Can you tell us what steps you take with NICI to get trade visitors to notice you?

Portrait Steintert

Ralph Steinert: We get started early on with our planning for the trade fair. That way, our sales department knows early on which items are going to be put on show and it allows our staff to make appointments with specific people in advance.
We also define a motto for each trade fair that focuses on the most important product line. Around three weeks before the trade fair, we send out invitations by post to a select group of customers and design the mailing around the motto. This creates a recurring theme and a recognition effect amongst visitors to the trade fair stand. In order to be easy to find in print and digital documents, we order the logo package offered by Spielwarenmesse. We also use walking acts, which are primarily deployed away from our trade fair stand.

About the walking acts…you used your unicorn Theodor as a walking act at the Spielwarenmesse in 2019. In what way were you able to profit from this?

Walcing Act from NICI

R. S.: Lots of trade fair visitors have fixed appointments but they also have time available in between individual meetings. We use the walking acts to attract attention to NICI and motivate people to visit our stand in Hall 1 who had not scheduled us in before the start of the trade fair. The walking acts are produced especially for the trade fair and always portray a new NICI character. The promoters hand out small give-aways that direct people to our stand. Most of our stand guests mention the walking acts to us, so we know that they get noticed and create a successful connection to the NICI brand. 

When trade visitors are at your stand, what measures do you take to turn the visit into an experience?

R. S.: We make an effort to have an open stand construction that invites people to visit our stand and that has a friendly vibe. We invest a lot of time in creating an emotional display for our lines and products and, in spite of the high product density, try to present the whole range in a structured way. That way, it is easy to see the diversity and playfulness that is typical for NICI. We also have a little lottery for people to take part in – the prize is usually a weekend away in one of the larger German cities. Guests who are with us for a longer period will find somewhere comfortable to sit and we also offer them different drinks and nibbles. We start serving alcohol-free cocktails and playing music from 4:00 pm, to make visitors’ time with us as enjoyable as possible. We look forward to meeting every guest and even more so when our customers go home still talking about us. This is why our visitors – as long as they want it – get a little present from us to take home with them.

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