Spielwarenmesse: Global Licensing Trends 2020: Italy, China

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Frozen und Flagge von Italien und China


Global Licensing Trends 2020: Italy, China

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Which licences work in which country? This is the big question for manufacturers and distributors. With a little background information, licensees and purchasers can evaluate the different licensing markets better. Spielwarenmesse® joins forces with editors in chief and publishers from the specialist licensing press to present the trends for 2020.

Licensing trends in Italy

in cooperation with Wajda Oddino, Editor in chief

Toy Store

Evergreen properties boost sales in 2020

Talking about the top properties in Italy for 2020, we expect the release of the two sequels Frozen II and Star Wars “The Rise of Skywalker” to boost the sales of the associated toys, dolls and action figures overall. We also expect L.O.L. Surpise!, Gormiti and Lego continuing their success during the year. Not to forget the phenomenon Fortnite, that showed the fastest growth in the top 5 European countries including Italy, according to NPD’s market research. Last but not least, in 2020 Mattel has planned many activities to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its British pre-school property Thomas & Friends and the 90th of Fisher-Price.

Multichannel strategy determines a properties’ success

Frozen 2

It is well known, every property seeks to become an ‘evergreen’. It shall become a property that does not only last a few months after the movie release but maintains its appeal during the years, supported by marketing activities. However, in the last years the life cycle of a property has shortened. It is a consequence of the high competition and the vast offer of brands to kids - coming also from other channels like YouTube or e-games. The competition landscape is so crowded that to gain space and attract the attention of the target group high investments are required. Properties coming from big companies will struggle if they don’t create multichannel contents and offer an engaging experience to kids. For sure, nowadays loyalty is more difficult to obtain than in the past.

Licensing trends in China

in Kooperation mit Cristina Angelucci, Publisher

Licensing Magazine

Licensing Trends in China and Asia

Actually, the Chinese and Asian licensing market is the global fastest growing industry business. Almost 2000 properties are available for this huge territory and only part of them are from Western territories.

In addition to global brands which have an extraordinary success in the Asian territory, such as Minions, for which there is a dedicated live events tour, or My Little Pony, which generates over 1 billion USD in sales only in China, not to mention the phenomenon of Peppa Pig - also thanks to the Chinese Year of Pig –

A rich and varied presence of Chinese properties

There is a rich and varied presence of high-quality Chinese brands, linked to television series but also lifestyle icons for young and adults and the social media platform WeChat. Since it is one of the top 10 most downloaded apps globally, everything coming from the popular social platform has a strong attraction.

My Emperor

Cuties are favoured all over Asia

The passion for CATS predominates overall, developed in every way and nuances, from comics to illustrations and lifestyle icons. Also there is a rich world of KAWAII characters [Cuties characters/ Cute culture], of any kind, coming from Taiwan, Japan and Korea. It’s not always easy to distinguish them: quality design and social media apperance could make the difference. Last but not least, there a huge representation of DUCKS, replicated in every way, but also very stylish and iconic.

China turns into the crèche of properties

In general, the quality standard of the Chinese market is largely adequate compared to the western one. Perhaps the time has come to no longer see China as a conquering territory for foreign properties. It has become a territory for the discovery of new and fresh contents to be developed and export globally.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the Licensing partners and do not necessarily reflect the views of Spielwarenmesse eG.

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