Spielwarenmesse: Magical opportunities with clowns, partygoers and magicians

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Magical opportunities with clowns, partygoers and magicians

from Harald Hemmerlein

Some product groups at the Spielwarenmesse only reveal their charms at second glance but they have been a standard part of toy retailers' stock for a long time. One of these product groups is "Party items, carnival, fireworks" and it fills an attractive niche that is not so small. The sub-group "Magic and joke items" contains a great many products that generate continuous sales and usually with very interesting margins.

J.K. Rowling wasn't the first person to show muggles the world of wizards. Children experienced magic long before that. For them nearly all new impressions are new and magical to begin with. It is only as they become adults that this world loses its charm. And with this disillusionment many magical memories arise that create longings in adults.

For all children it is a special experience to be able to take control of these magical moments - and for adults it is a moment of pleasant nostalgia when they watch children doing magic tricks. Magic kits offer accessories and magical know-how. Both enable children to put on impressive magic shows in front of audiences of all ages.

Kosmos and Ravensburger are among the leading suppliers of magic kits and have developed a wide selection.


The turnover in the "Magic and magic kit" sector has remained at a consistently good level for many years and is generated with a few products, most of which have very good margins. This makes it a reliable segment for brick-and-mortar retailers, involving little expense and attracting customers all year round because the products are also very much in demand at children's birthdays and other events.

André Besser, Senior Buyer at VEDES (Games & Creative)

The Kosmos' "Magic School" (Die Zauberschule Magic) series offers a comprehensive traditional programme of tricks. Magicians from about eight years upwards can learn a wide selection of tricks and illusions step by step with this magic kit. Children will find materials that are easy but still allow them to do impressive demonstrations. With the help of illustrated instructions and videos that explain step by step what the magician has to do, they can create great shows.

Ravensburger also has a magic kit for every stage of development. The easy instructions provided with the kits make every magic show child's play. A traditional magic kit generally contains all the most important utensils that little magicians need for their tricks: a magic wand, cards, chips, gold coins, a rubber band, magic cloth, beakers, rings, balls and dice. Ravensburger also offers teaching videos, magician's music and instructions on its website.

The brand "Marvin‘s Magic" also established a stronghold on the international market. It was created by Marvin Berglas in 1987 and today is the biggest company in the world that successfully markets magic tricks and magic kits. With their shop-in-shop concepts at Hamleys and Harrods in London as well as FAO Schwarz and Ceasars Palace in the USA, the company has chosen original sales channels. In Germany, Simm Spielwaren started selling the products under this brand in 2016.

Apart from these brand items there are numerous no name products that are available at various price points and can be found in all sales channels.

When parents buy magic kits they will be pleased to know that magic also has a learning effect: A good magician needs concentration, stamina and self-confidence.


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