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Kinder spielen Flugzeug auf Skateboard


Mobile and multi­functional: indoor and outdoor activity toys

from Ulrich Texter

Children experience the world with and through their bodies. Sports, games and activities are all important in that they offer children opportunities to interact and strengthen their feeling of belonging. The Spielwarenmesse® 2017 featured a selection of new toys that promote physical activity. Key mobility trends are already reflected in sports, leisure and outdoor products.

Motor skills and sporting pursuits are essential to the healthy development of children and young people. Being active is about more than simply building strong bones and muscles. More importantly, it is also the expression of a zest for life: whether running around, playing hide and seek, kicking a ball about, battling against and with one another, juggling on a slackline or simply letting off steam. Even something as simple as a balance bike is an ideal learning tool for children. New products show how children’s development can be deliberately fostered through activity.

Electric scooters have arrived

There is now something for everyone among the activity and mobility products available for children and young people. This was clearly reflected again at the Spielwarenmesse® 2017.

The spectrum ranges from balance bikes, trikes, ride-ons and “normal” scooters through to electric scooters such as the Lil’E from the Razor Junior range. Built for children aged three and older, this electric scooter can reach a speed of up to 3 km/h. Its steel frame and removable seat make it especially stable. Once the child keeps the power button pressed, they’re on the move! The three-wheel electric scooter has a continuous run time of up to 40 minutes.

Electric scooters really seem to be all the rage, with (young) adults getting in on the act too. For example, Vodafone and Wahlberg Electrics GmbH, Hamburg, announced the arrival of the eRoller2Go in late March. Thanks to its in-built SIM card, anyone can get their hands on an electric scooter. “We are joining with Vodafone to fill a gap in Germany’s road transport of the future. Our scooters are a perfect add-on to bus and rail travel”, said Florian Wahlberg, founder of Egret.

However, SIM cards and connectivity are not a must, as underscored by Authentic and Micro Mobility. For example, the trendy GLOBBER My Free Fold Up from Authentic is an ideal urban mobility companion. The scooter can be simply folded up and has a detachable and interchangeable deck and height-adjustable T-bar.


Trendy, chic, multifunctional

Sometimes, simple ideas turn out to be real mobility gems. The Berlin-based company phim UG has produced a push-along named “flink”, which challenges the user in two ways. From the construction kit provided, getting the vehicle set up is a fun challenge in and of itself. Instead of being presented with a ready-made toy, children can help with the assembly and then add their own creative touches once the push-along has been built. In this way, flink is following the DIY trend.

“Insert, screw, fasten; the flat construction kit becomes a robust vehicle for indoor and outdoor use in no time at all”, promises Philipp Müller. “But flink can also be purchased as a completely assembled model!”

Another design and functional highlight can be found in the reinterpretation of the classic Bobby Car, now rolling off the production line as an exclusive model with an LED light signature. “Today’s generation of parents really value design”, says Uwe Weiler, Chief Operating Officer of the Simba Dickie Group.

There were some smart and also some especially multifunctional balance bikes and trikes on show in 2017. The Highwaykick combines both aspects. Using a patented pivoting mechanism, the Highwaykick1 with its 3-way integrated height adjustment can be transformed in a flash, no tools required, from a three-wheel scooter with a seat into an out-and-out three-wheel scooter. Both multifunctional and great looking, the Highwaykick1 from Scoot & Ride GmbH is perfect for children aged 1 to 5.

The Stollcycle from Israeli idea factory Galileo 4 Kids Ltd combines great convenience and versatility. Thanks to its patented design, the 2-in-1 stroller can be folded up as flat as a flounder. For the “on-the-go family”, according to the manufacturer.


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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.