Spielwarenmesse: Toy innovations 2018: School Articles, Stationery, Creative Design

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Messe-Neuheiten 2018: Schulbedarf, Schreibwaren, Kreatives Gestalten


Toy innovations 2018: School Articles, Stationery, Creative Design

from Ulrich Texter

Creativity is seen as one of the key competences of the 21st century. But how can you learn how to be creative in a fun way? This always poses a challenge to the makers of activity and creativity sets. Their latest responses are as varied as the term is many-faceted – as the Spielwarenmesse® 2018 proves. Here's just a small sample of the new items from the School Articles, Stationery, Creative Design product group.

Fun2Give: Re-Cycle_Me Pizzeria Game World
Badala: Kitchen
Loick Biowertstoff GmbH: PlayMais Mosaics
Joker AG/SA: Slimy Creations Cup Cake
TM Essentials BV: Cupcake Factory
Crazy Three GmbH: Babbelarium

A collage combining imagination and environmental awareness

In the political, cultural and social upheaval of the '68 movement, San Francisco was a hub of creative and inventive renewal. That's the city where a range of toys and creative sets that still exudes this certain je ne sais quoi comes from. The first product created by Petit Collage in 2006 (Hall 1 / C 33, D 16) was a collage. Twelve years later, design and carefully selected materials such as recycled cardboard, FSC-certified wood, bamboo, water-based paints and soy-based inks are still being used. With them, entire worlds can be brought into being – especially with the imaginative, colourful pop-outs. Even backpacks and insulated lunch boxes are being produced in an environmentally conscious manner. The outer material of the backpacks is biodegradable.

Upcycling to create a new toy

What role do design and environmental awareness play at the beginning of the 21st century? Obviously an ever larger one as far as toys are concerned – and three examples demonstrate this. With Fun2Give's Re-Cycle-Me Pizzeria Game World for Boys and Girls (Hall 4 / D-90), children play with certain kinds of garbage to create a pizzeria. Besides recycling waste, the children also use the cardboard packaging.

Upcycling is likewise becoming an increasingly popular trend. Badala (Hall 3A / C-29) is playing this card. The idea is as simple as it is clever. Self-adhesive sheets of stickers transform discarded boxes into cookers, dishwashers or washing machines.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness have always been on the menu at Loick Biowertstoff GmbH (Hall 4 / F-35). With its PlayMais Mosaics, the company is presenting "cylinders" that are new in terms of size and shape. The idea behind this is to get children to design their first mosaics in a playful and creative way.

Laboratory for slime, foam dough and soap bubbles

Soap bubbles are fascinating. Over the years, many a kitchen has been turned into a laboratory in the search for the perfect recipe. This idea from Crazy Three GmbH (Hall 3 / F-44) tops everything that has been done so far – the company name seems to speak for itself. If you previously enjoyed the shapes and colours of the soap bubbles, you can now 'build' soap bubbles using the Crazy Babbelarium. Cards specify the projects you need to build. Even 'constructions' with angular soap bubbles are possible. The DIY movement has also got its claws into "slime production".

With its Slimy Creations Cup Cake, Joker AG/SA (Hall 4 / C-83) offers two recipes children can use to make slime that has two very different consistencies. There are no bounds to their creativity. The "slime" is based on natural ingredients.

Do-it-yourself is also in demand at the Cupcake Factory of TM Essentials BV (Hall 4 / F-80, E-81). The 'factory' works without an oven and purely by hand. The special foam dough is as light as a feather, air-drying and easy to work with. Now, nothing should stand in one's way of a future career as a pastry chef.


Author of this article:

Ulrich Texter


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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.