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Spielzeug Puppen und Plüsch Neuheiten 2017


Trade fair innovations 2017: Dolls, Soft Toys

from Harald Hemmerlein

Trade fair novelties for the Spielwarenmesse® 2017 in the Dolls and Soft Toys category: A large selection of new soft toys, teddy bears, handmade dolls, modern doll sets with digital playing options and much more awaits you in Nuremberg at the world’s largest toy fair. Here is a foretaste of some of the new products to be released in 2017.

The ubiquitous apps are now also enhancing play with dolls. With its Nenuco hAPPy School, the Spanish company Famosa is launching a set which simulates a learning situation. A free app loads questions onto a tablet or smartphone. The doll is connected to the device and answers the questions asked, after she has raised her arm. Nenuco can answer questions in five languages (Hall 1 / F-34).

At German company Habermaaß, the Little Friends, sold under the HABA brand, put traditional doll play in the foreground. The group of small bendable dolls is growing. In the spring, the company will launch more dolls and a farm world with lots of animals. There are also new toys sets for the Little Friends doll house (Hall 3 / A-13, C-12).

Handmade from Bulgaria

Lovingly handmade dolls come from the Bulgarian company Ciao Bimba. Lilly is made entirely of cotton and wool by hand. She has child-friendly proportions and, thanks to her open facial expressions, can project all emotions (Hall 1 / F-22).

The first "Terry Cloth Baby" was developed and produced by Käthe Kruse in 1967. Even today, for many children, it is the first doll that accompanies them through life over many years. The world's first comfort blanket was developed and produced by Käthe Kruse in 1997. Today, both are classics. On the occasion of the anniversary, Käthe Kruse has developed a gift box with both products: a terry cloth baby and a baby comfort blanket in pale pink and light turquoise (Hall 3A / E-17, G-26).

Famosa: Nenuco hAPPy School
Ciao Bimba: Lilly
Käthe Kruse: Frottee Baby
Wise Toys: Wise-Pet
Steiff: Friend Finder Rabbit
Goliath: Feisty Pets
Heunec: Give me a smile
Moose Enterprice: Snuggle
Heinrich Bauer: Lashys
Chellford: iPlush
Jazwares: Benjamin the Elephant

The boundaries between dolls and robots are blurring

SmartGurlz, which can be programmed with the help of an app, are what the dolls of the Danish manufacturer of the same name are called. The boundary between dolls and robots is being redefined here (Entrance Mitte / E-06).

The manufacturers in this product group also keep surprising customers with innovations in the soft toy sector, as is proven by Wise Toys from Israel with their Wise-Pet soft toy creations, which are designed in such a way that a tablet can be integrated as a "face". The tablet and the soft toy can then entertain children (Foyer of Hall 10.0 / 13).

This bunny will always find its way home

The Steiff Friend Finder Rabbit with rustling foil made of soft plush with a belly and paws of a contrasting colour has crackle foil in its left ear and left sole and appeals to so many senses of the very youngest. In addition, Steiff Friend Finders can re-unite best friends forever. If it is lost, the finder can return the soft toy, which has a sewn-in code number, to the child so long as the parents have entered their contact details online (Hall 2 / E-05, F-06).

The Feisty Pets from Goliath Toys show that soft toys can also get angry. If children push the button behind their ears with two fingers at the same time, the lovable furry friends suddenly pull a nasty grimace and show their teeth angrily (Hall 12.0 / I-11).

With its new "Give me a smile" series, Heunec does not want to produce any nasty grimaces but to put a smile on people's faces. The soft and cuddly, brightly coloured kittens also come with a mirror, which you can use to check your own smile (Hall 12.2 / P-14).

Interactive soft toys

Soft toys can also interact with children. The Australian company Moose Enterprise has developed Snuggle, a soft toy dog that moves, feels and responds just like a real puppy. He can open and close his eyes and breathes when asleep (Hall 12.0 / E-05-1).

The Lashys, the new soft toys from Heinrich Bauer, are cute cats and unicorns with "eyecatching glitter eyes" and eyelashes. The Eyecatcher soft toys always seem to follow you, regardless of your position, because they have the so-called Mona Lisa effect (Hall 9 / C-77, D-82).

Balloons as a form of stuffing for soft toys are not just practical

The British company Chelford: iPlush has come up with an original solution when faced with limited storage in the nursery. Balloons, which are the same shape as the soft toy, are filled with air and inflate the plush shell as required. The cover can be washed and thus satisfies all hygienic demands (Hall 5 / D-16).

In time for his 40th birthday, Benjamin the Elephant is entering the nursery in the form of collectibles and toy figures, plush keyrings, plush Benjamins or headphones. The padded headphones ensure that children can safely enjoy audio dramas. And a cuddly-shaped Benjamin is available as a soft keyring with original sounds, as an 18 cm soft toy friend with his unmistakable "Toroo!" call and as a 30 cm large speaking elephant (Jazwares, Hall 6 / C-41)

Dress-up doll as an animal lover

Dress-up dolls continue to be among the classics in the world of dolls. This year, various new versions of Barbie from Mattel will land on retailers' shelves, including one that is sure to delight animal lovers. The doll in question comes with a dog and various accessories such as a leash, bowl and pooper scooper (Hall 12.2 / P-15).

Discover trends and new toys from the product group Dolls, Soft Toys live at the toy fair in Nuremberg. Buy your ticket now for the biggest and most international Spielwarenmesse® of all time!


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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.