Spielwarenmesse: Trade fair innovations 2017: Games, Books, Learning & Experimenting, Multimedia

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2017 Neuheiten Spiele


Trade fair innovations 2017: Games, Books, Learning & Experimenting, Multimedia

from Harald Hemmerlein

Trade fair novelties for the Spielwarenmesse® 2017 in the Games, Books, Learning & Experimenting, Multimedia category: A large selection of new board games, children’s books, educational games, apps, digital games and much more awaits you in Nuremberg at the world’s largest toy fair. Here a foretaste of some of the new products to be released in 2017.

Crazy Race by Ravensburger is a family game where lions do not sleep and instead, set out on an incredible race through the zoo at night. It is not only speed which in the end decides who is the leader of the pack, but also the right strategy (Hall 12.0 / A-12, D-13).

To lock a group of people into a room or a building which they can only escape from by jointly solving problems has more recently evolved into an entertainment trend to be played also with a board game. HCM Kinzel’s ThinkFun brand has launched Escape the Room - Das Geheimnis des Refugiums von Dr. Gravely. Fellow players double as members of a travelling party that comes together at a supposed health resort which turns out to be haunted; figuring out how to escape from there is the ultimate goal (Hall 10.0 / I-09).

Game of emotions

Nowadays, emoticons are a fixed element of many digital messages and form a universal language spoken all around the world. Jumbo Spiele’s Emotify is a game that plays on this trend. A player explains a term to his team that he chose himself, in order to win against the opposing team. The term must be explained by using emoticons only. No talking, no pantomime, no drawing allowed (Hall 10.1 / D-12A ; Hall 10.1 / F-15, D-12)!

Games can do this, too: Help people suffering from dementia. A staff member of International Stationary B.V. from the Netherlands initially designed "Sjoel de Boules" for his sick grandmother. It is now hitting retail shelves. The "keep it in mind" series focuses especially on enjoyable memory training (Hall 12.0 / A-19).

ThinkFun: Escape the Room
Jumbo Spiele: Emotify
International Stationary B.V.: Sjoul de Boules
ASYNCRON: Guédelon
Science4you: Parfume factory
Kylii Motion: Kylii Air
Sensible Object: Beasts of balance

Co-operation to reach the target

Games publishers continue to offer co-operation games. ASYNCRON games from France has launched Guédelon, the game. The famous castle in Burgundy is undergoing renovation using tools from the medieval period. Up to four players must jointly organise and process material to construct a part of the building from it (Hall 10.0 / G-11).

Amongst the many science kits that facilitate physical and chemical experimentation, the offer from Portugal’s Science4you stands out. Its Perfume Factory allows you to create your own fragrances. To do this, special substances are used from the set in combination with material found at home or in nature (Hall 5 / C-23).

The Learning & Experimenting category also includes "Microworld" by the Italian publisher Cranio Creations srl, which pitches viruses against antibodies. This two-person set up sees one person adopt the role of a virus which has to defend itself against antibody attacks from their opponent (Hall 10.0 / E-18).

Augmented Reality expands the game

Kylii Air by the French publisher Kylii Motion stands out in the large field of multimedia applications. Gesture commands paired with AR elements allow children to control the activity seen on a monitor (Hall 10.0 / H-09).

Multimedia at its best is also presented with Beasts of Balance by Sensible Object from the UK. The building game for children which is connected to a platform on a tablet directly impacts what can be seen on the monitor (Hall 3A / B-33).

Diverse book offer

Just in time for the launch of the new 50-euro note in spring, TESSLOFF Verlag will be releasing a new volume in its How and Why series on money, titled "WAS IST WAS Geld. Vom Tauschhandel zum Bitcoin". The book pursues the history of money and covers everything from Kauri money, to thalers and euros. Next to strange forms of funds like ginseng, special pages also display a variety of currencies from around the world (Hall 10.0 / G-12).

When it comes to picture books, many parents are also interested in ensuring age-appropriate support for their children. In co-operation and with the expert advice and accompaniment of scientists, Coppenrath has designed a new cardboard picture book range targeting children up to the age of three. The range offers the right book for a child’s every development stage. For example, Mein kleiner gelber Bagger by Kristina Schaefer, which tells simple stories that accompany playing activity. The game also includes a toy excavator made from wood which simulates the excavator from the book (Hall 1 / C-34).

Discover trends and new toys from the product group Games, Books, Learning and Experimenting, Multimedia live at the toy fair in Nuremberg. Buy your ticket now for the biggest and most international Spielwarenmesse® of all time!


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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.