Spielwarenmesse: Trade fair innovations 2017: Sports, Leisure Outdoor

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Messe-Neuheiten Sport, Freizeit, Outdoor 2017


Trade fair innovations 2017: Sports, Leisure Outdoor

from Ulrich Texter

Trade fair novelties for the Spielwarenmesse® 2017 in the Sports, Leisure, Outdoor category: a large selection of new balance bikes and push-bikes, push-alongs, outdoor games, water toys and much more awaits you in Nuremberg at the world’s largest toy fair. Here is a foretaste of some of the new products to be released in 2017.

Classics such as the Bobby Car, in vogue in 2016 along with the scooter, remain timeless. And the flink push-along construction kit from phim demonstrates that the classics constantly present designers with new challenges. The car has a very distinctive look. Little racing drivers must also assemble their vehicle themselves first to then enjoy the ride (Hall 3A/C-06).

The technological enhancement of the stylish Highwaykick from Scoot & Ride is another great example of how the aspect of mobility is being interpreted. Underneath lies an all-in-one three-wheel scooter with a seat, which can be transformed from a three-wheel scooter with a seat into a normal three-wheel scooter without tools. The Highwaykick is an ideal choice for children aged one to five (Hall 8/A-03).

The patented Scooter from ScootyB boasts a retro or vintage touch. The scooter has a special mechanism that allows children to roll forwards by pressing the pedal (Hall 8/E-04).

phim: flink push-along construction kit
Scoot & Ride: Highwaykick
Scoot & Ride: Highwaykick
ScootyB: Scooter with pedal mechanism
Hudora: Kick-Scooter
Ponticelli Design: Rodeobull
Rastar Industrial: Tricycle Mini
Galileo 4 Kids: foldable stroller + Tricycle
Micro Mobility: three-wheel scooter with integrated rucksack

How children get around today

Hudora has announced the most compact kick scooter in its class. According to the company, it is "the innovative answer to current mobility issues": stylish, slim, solid and also so smart that it can be folded up super small – a scooter for the last mile (Hall 7/A-01).

The Rodeobull from Ponticelli Design, a "push-along bull", is inspired by rodeo riding. The Rodeobull is the first vehicle a child can sit on and steer using the steering/tilting mechanism (Hall 8/E-06).

A real "Mini" is rolling off the assembly line at Rastar Industrial. The tricycle, designed in conjunction with BMW, can be folded up very simply – all with a real Mini logo, of course (Hall 12.0/H-03-3).

Galileo 4 Kids is also big on compactness. The Galileo is a lightweight stroller and tricycle in one, with a folding mechanism that makes it the perfect option for parents on the go (Hall 8/E-01).

Micro Mobility has added a three-wheel scooter with integrated rucksack to its range. Both can also be used independently of each other. The bag is removed at the press of a button and can then be used as a rucksack (Hall 7/F-09).

Manufacturer QU-AX is presenting a tandem unicycle named after itself, featuring two drives and two sets of handlebars for two people. Spectacular moves guaranteed (Hall 7/A-04).

Water balloons to go

The BunchOBalloons from Splash Toys, a ToyAward winner in 2016, has become an outdoor bestseller. It can be used to fill 100 water balloons within 60 seconds from a tap or garden hose. "We have received numerous calls from mothers", said Marcus Abt from Splash Toys GmbH, "thanking us for having saved their fingernails." Now the fun comes to the market as a "to go" version. The water balloons can now be filled with a Super Soaker at any lake or river (Hall 12.0/H-14).

New gear for global explorers

The next chapter in the Nerf and Hasbro success story has begun. The new AlphaHawk Blaster in the AccuStrike series is the highlight, given its size, bolt action and fold-out 5-dart rotating drum (Hall 12.0/F-10, H-05).

Happy People is also betting on the success of the Nerf range with a new Nerf Outdoor line, including a battle tent, battle mummy sleeping bag, rucksack, headlamp and more (Hall 12.2/P-30).

With the outdoor products in its new Nature Zoom range, publisher Coppenrath Verlag is hoping to get children outside and boost their independence. Children are encouraged to get creative with various materials such as the boat carving set (Hall 1/C-34).

Haba is expanding its Terra Kids range with an insect hotel assembly kit and insect vacuum for little naturalists. The latter features 3 different suction levels and sucks up insects particularly gently so as not to do them any harm (Hall 3/A-13, C-12).

Discover trends and new toys from the product group Sports, Leisure, Outdoor live at the toy fair in Nuremberg. Buy your ticket now for the biggest and most international Spielwarenmesse® of all time!


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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.