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Neuheiten Festartikel, Karneval, Feuerwerk 2017

31. January 2017 / Market

Trade fair innovations 2017: Festive Articles, Carnival, Fireworks

from Harald Hemmerlein /  Show comments

Trade fair novelties for the Spielwarenmesse® 2017 in the Festive Articles, Carnival and Fireworks category: A large selection of new party items, costumes, decoration, fireworks and much more awaits you in Nuremberg at the world's largest toy fair. Here is a foretaste of some of the new products to be released in 2017.

The Smurfs join celebrations when the Dutch company FOLAT takes care of party decorations. The maker has enlarged its range surrounding the blue gnomes by pennant garlands, balloons and invitation cards and as a licensee has also been using "The Lost Village" movie, scheduled to be released in spring, as a marketing vehicle (Hall 9 / D-09, E-04).

Licences, in addition to classics, have also been driving business with costumes. Iron Man is one of the most popular Marvel Superheroes, whose alter ego Tony Stark is a sure bet for action-packed entertainment. Rubie recently introduced a Supreme Edition of the Iron Man costume for adults, with pre-shaped pieces of armour, shin guards, gloves and a two-part Collector’s Edition helmet (Hall 9 / D-57, E-58).

Party games for party fun

Amigo: Halli Galli Party
Amigo: Halli Galli Party

Party games often become the life of the party. Amigo upgraded its Halli Galli classic into a party favourite. Halli Galli Party entices players to hit the machine when matching sets of musical fruits pop up. This year marks 25 years of success for Halli Galli in the market (Hall 10.1 / C-04, D-09).

A different kind of coaster

For over 100 years, coasters have been a part of table culture, especially in the German-speaking region. Whereas in the past it was something to be found in pubs only, this is set to change with Cartingo by Haid Werbeagentur. The coasters made of original cardboard now come with dedicated themes. Classic themes like Christmas and a collection of proverbs have been added to include beverage coasters for children. The coasters featuring "The Mouse", the hero from a popular German children’s programme, or even Halloween and mouse motifs made with after-glow paint are to conquer children’s rooms and birthday parties this year (Hall 3A / B-18).



TM Toys: Fru Blu Bubbles
TM Toys: Fru Blu Bubbles

Every garden party is a winner with gigantic soap bubbles. The Polish company TM Toys has launched a complete set for this. Fru Blu Bubbles comes with different bubble wands to create huge bubble designs with different effects and, of course, the soap liquid needed to blow stable bubbles (Hall 3 / D-14).

Crossing swords beneath fireworks

Every knight and many a fighter need a shield and sword. It is now possible to create such weaponry with wooden swords and shields by TOBAR from Great Britain. The sets include in addition to the actual weapons, tools and paint to create personalised equipment (Hall 4 / F-95).

In the large field of fireworks makers, the Dutch company Lesli Vuurwerk has introduced a semi-professional modular firework system. Items from the Showbricks line allow even the amateur to safely produce impressive firework displays (Hall 9 / D-89).

Discover trends and new toys from the product group Festive Articles, Carnival, Fireworks live at the toy fair in Nuremberg. Buy your ticket now for the biggest and most international Spielwarenmesse® of all time!


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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.