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Toy innovations 2019: School Articles, Stationery, Creative Design

from Ulrich Texter

The most important resource we human beings have is our creativity. It's something that not only manifests itself in acts of discovery and invention, but also in the design and creation of "artefacts", that is to say things that have been brought into being by the human hand.

Creativity is a tricky thing: no-one can say exactly what it is, but everyone wants to have it. Some see artistic self-realisation in it; the economy regards it more as a problem-solving activity that ends in innovation. Among all ideas about what creativity actually is, the game is probably the most familiar and accepted form of it, because it's creative action for its own sake that determine how the game goes.

Manufacturers of craft kits, tools, perler beads, modelling clay or knitting material ensure that children are able to develop their creative powers.

New, but familiar! 

Kreative Kids from Habermaas GmbH
Kreativ Kids / Habermaass GmbH

One example of the fact that there is always something tried and trusted in new things is provided by Habermaass GmbH's brand-new creative series "Kreativ Kids" (Hall 3/A-13, C-12). Their new creative products not only want to be colouring-in books, but real poster-size pictures that offer a lot of fun. Depending on their level of development, children can train their fine motor skills or spur on their imagination. The only thing is that the pictures still have to be coloured in. It's a similar case with the "Salt dough figures" of SES Nederland B.V. (Hall 5/A-01). Generations of mothers may have immortalised the hands and feet of their offspring with home-made salt dough, but the Dutch are now taking this process to a whole new level! Using their salt dough set, children aged 5 and up can shape and paint their own figures

A source of satisfaction

Creativity is fun and puts people into a good mood because people who are creative feel a great deal of satisfaction from seeing the fruits of their labour. There's probably no place better for spending one's leisure time in than a garden. With "Die ganze Welt rund ums Gärtnern" (The whole world relating to gardening), Moses Verlag GmbH (Hall 10.0/H-04a) is offering a variety of products to help people slow down their busy lives, such as mini gardening tools and plant sets for kids. After all, creativity always means making things!

A real sense of achievement – guaranteed!

Tools for children
Tool set / HCM Kinzel GmbH

Where does it say that whoever wants to be creative has to resort to a paint brush and paper or a needle and thread? For budding geniuses that can wield a screwdriver, HCM Kinzel GmbH (10.0/I-09) now offers a Stanley Jr. 10 piece tool set. Stanley, USA, has been a world leader in hand-held and power tools and accessories for over 170 years, equipping professionals worldwide – now including those found in children's bedrooms. "The Stanley Jr. tools and wood building kits are a source of inspiration, learning and fun," says Markus Kinzel. NB: Excellent tools are almost always a pleasure, which can't really be said about a computer; that's why craftsmen, as a recent study of the Institute of German Economy shows, are also more satisfied with their work than desk Jockeys.

Sticking, sewing – or would you rather do handicrafts?

dots for puzzling
Puzzles with sticky dots / dot on GmbH

Using stickers is fun and is also supposed to be good for one's fine motor skills – so says dot on GmbH (Hall 3/B-06), provided you have their "Klebedots", or "sticky dots". Sticking adhesive dots onto things is supposed to be even more relaxing than doing jigsaw puzzles and, what is more, is supposed to be a genuine world debut. dot on art not only offers fun for children, but also satisfies the creative urge of adults. Being creative is fun – at least that's the belief of the creative brand Aveni, distributed by the Swiss company Carletto AG (Hall 1/D-16, C-33). With their Sewing Dolls and Sewing Keychains product lines, children aged 6 and over can sew their own llama, sloth, toucan and many other stuffed animals and key chains. Get out your needle and sew cute animals made of super-soft plush is the motto of the craft collection Made by You from Busch GmbH & Co. KG (Hall 7A/D-31). In 2019, the bat and owl, as well as the baby penguin and glitter fish, are at the top of the DIY list.

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