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Toy innovations 2019: Sports, Leisure, Outdoor

from Ulrich Texter

Sports and outdoor, but even traditional ‘let’s play outside’ articles are must-have items for toy retailers. They not only equalise year-end business sales but are also perfect for a themed production.

The global outdoor and sports market is flourishing. By 2023, sales are expected to reach a market volume of € 83.6 billion, which would correspond to an annual growth of 8.1 per cent. Actively pursuing a sport or moving around in nature is an element of modern-day feeling across all generations.

Multi-functional mobility

Mini Vespa for children
Ride-on Vespa / JAMARA e.K.

Multi-functional models that grow alongside their users have played an outstanding role for mobility products for many years. The stylish Trackie by The Chillafish Company (Hall 7/A-24) adequately reflects this: a 4-in-1 product, it combines a rocker, a walker and a ride-on with a play trainer. The Switzerland-based start-up SLEX GmbH (Hall 7/F-35) offers another example with its Grow-up Scooter. The patented scooter for children aged 2+ grows with every step of a child’s way. The revolutionary feature of the scooter is its extendable footboard. The mother of all scooters, Micro Mobility Systems AG, has taken on the electric trend and its Micro Sparrow XL promises to be the first hybrid electric scooter for children. Servo-assisted steering is activated with the foot. The hybrid scooter reaches speeds of up to 18 km/h. Vespa’s E-Scooter comes with a lot of Italian flair. The retro trend paired with the desire for Italian nonchalance is bound to create not just a ‘bella figura’, but also a Wow! effect. JAMARA e.K. (Hall 6/A03) is launching this Italian dream as a licenced mini-motorcycle with a powerful electric drive, LED headlights, small stabilisers for safe driving and a USB port.

Boards for skating and luging

Skateboard for children
Ookie / Skate Innovation Pty Ltd.

The Nighthawk by Rollplay GmbH (Hall 7/B-50) is here to give kids aged 6+ a genuine thrill. When children sit on this highly manoeuvrable e-board they experience the riding experience of a luge run. The Nighthawk combines a thrill ride with training children’s balancing and coordination skills. According to its manufacturer, there is nothing like it in the market. 

This is also the cue for the Ookie, the world’s first skateboard for children offering four progress levels. The striking design of the Ookie was developed by Skate Innovation Pty Ltd. (Hall 7/F-33) to guide kids from an early age with the help of a 4-in-1 system to skateboard faster and safer. The first level uses a supporting handle and, as the user’s skateboarding skills advance, the Ookie is more and more disassembled to become a traditional skateboard.

From sliding to balancing

Line extensions or the intelligent expansion of a product range by adding merchandise with unusual features is part of the brand policy of various mobility providers. One example of this is the ergonomic child-design of the PUKYMOTO by Puky GmbH & Co. KG (Halle 7/B-02) - a dream come true for kids and an ideal first step before a balance bicycle which aims to close the gap between four-wheel bobby cars and two-wheel balance bicycles. Rastar (HK) Industrial Co., Ltd., (Hall 12.0/H-03-3) offers a similar concept with its balance bike. Its Land Rover is designed to look much like a traditional baby walker but has two wheels at the back to meet the requirements of different age groups. The balance bike by Yvolve Sports Ltd. (Hall 7/C-11) also relies on a double-wheel feature. The Y Velo Junior is a two-wheel balance bike that grows with the child. The child starts off with two rear wheels to learn how to steady and balance itself.

Active couch potatoes

Outdoor and play watch for children
Wanderwatch-Smartwatch / Avyna

The interactive Wanderwatch-Smartwatch by the Dutch maker Avyna (Hall 8/C-73) combines video gaming fun with the attraction of outdoor play. “We wish to entice children to get off the couch and step outside again”, said Avyna’s David Hain. The Smartwatch is packed with cool functions like a camera, chat functionality and plenty of games. The product was created in collaboration with the city of Amsterdam and the Dutch Health Institute to show that it is indeed possible to motivate inactive children to become active again. Yet another revolution comes from Yulu Toys (Hall 12/A-07) and their Double Juggle with its unique bounce technology. Double Juggle is played with a two-sided trampoline paddle and a softball either alone or as a two-player team.

Fun cooking outdoors

Outdoor kitchen for the garden
Outdoor kitchen / Pinolino Kinderträume GmbH

Summer’s popular barbecue theme has become an all-year round activity for men. And this trend is spilling over to daddy’s offspring. EXIT Toys/Dutch Toys Group BV (Hall 7/C-45) is showcasing an outdoor kitchen for kids which features a stove with buttons that can turn and a real tap. Messing around to one’s heart’s desire and baking cakes made of sand: the solid action kitchen by Pinolino Kinderträume GmbH (Hall 3/D-22) is an absolute must for all outdoor kitchen fans. Complete with two large bowls made of stainless steel, an opening to attach the garden hose to the rear wall and multiple storage options, tasty grass soufflés, soups made of stones or cakes from sand are a breeze to prepare. 

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Ulrich Texter

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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.