Spielwarenmesse: Trade fair innovations 2017: technical toys, educational toys, action toys

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Neuheiten Technisches Spielzeug 2017


Trade fair innovations 2017: technical toys, educational toys, action toys

from Harald Hemmerlein

Trade fair novelties for the Spielwarenmesse® 2017 in the product group Technical Toys, Educational Toys, Action Toys: A wide variety of new racetracks, construction toys, modular building kits and much much more are waiting to be discovered at the world's largest toy fair in Nuremberg. Here is a foretaste of some of the new products to be released in 2017.

The LEGO Group is releasing LEGO BOOST in 2017, continuing the company's success story of combining programming with physical construction. LEGO BOOST is a programmable robot kit that introduces children from the age of 7 to programming with the help of a free app, digital LEGO building instructions and simple programming commands for five LEGO models. The models can be brought to life on either iOS or Android tablets, giving kids lots of fun while building all sorts of models and doing some simple programming (Hall 12.2/ P-01).

Fans of Hiccup, Toothless and the Vikings of Berk can now zoom around the PLAYMOBIL world on the back of fire-breathing dragons (geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co.KG). The adventures of the heroic dragon riders continue in kids' bedrooms with these new sets from the "Dragons" play world (Hall 12.2 / P-07).

Magnets connect plush cubes

At the fischertechnik GmbH stand you can expect new universally applicable design components that give the models a whole new dynamism. 2017 is the year of fischertechnik vehicles: A total of seven new products will be launched in the first half of the year, including racers, gliders and trucks with a streamlined and modern design (Hall 4 / E-09, F-10).

The Polish company JollyHeap Svitlana Sapunova is presenting plush cubes which are the basic elements of a magnetic construction system. The soft building bricks can be put together with the help of strong magnets to make lots of different structures that can fill up the whole room (Hall 4 / D-81).

The Korean manufacturer Clicformers Inc. uses a new folding technique to create all kinds of constructions. The components are fitted together and can then be folded in the desired direction. The models can be "brought to life" with a wide variety of accessories (Hall 4 / D-35).

Lego: Boost
JollyHeap Svitlana Sapunova: Soft Magnetic Construction toy
Clickformers: construction toy
Genius Toy Taiwan: Geckobot
Jazwares: WooWee Fingerlings Baby Monkeys
Smartivity Labs: Roller Coaster Marble Slide
Ravensburger: GraviTrax
Revell: Control X-treme Raver VR Racer

A gecko climbing up the window pane

Robots count among the classics of technical toys. The company Genius Toy Taiwan Co. Ltd. is presenting Geckobot, a robot in the form of a gecko. Like its role model, it can climb up smooth surfaces. Using a suction mechanism the Geckobot can climb up and down windows, mirrors or smooth walls (Hall 5 / B-35-1).

These little monkeys like being wrapped around your finger: The Fingerlings Baby Monkeys from the American company Jazwares grab hold of anything within their reach, preferably fingers. The Fingerlings react to movement, sounds and touch and show you if they like something. They interact with each other so the more Fingerlings you have, the more fun it is (Hall 6 / C-41).

Marble runs exploit gravity

Marble runs are fascinating simply because of the effects of gravity. With its Roller Coaster Marble Slide, the Indian company Smartivity Labs offers additional possibilities for several players. At the end of the marble run there is a target device that enables the players to steer the marbles towards different objects, holes or targets (Hall 10.0 / A-05).

Ravensburger has also taken up this theme: With its innovative modular system GraviTrax, creative modelmakers can build really sophisticated marble run worlds. It's not just about getting there, but about how you get there: that means using physical laws skilfully and assembling the various components and spectacular action elements cleverly. Only then will the marbles start to roll (Hall 12.0 / A-12, D-13).

Virtual reality in an RC car

With the Revell Control X-treme Raver VR Racer, Revell GmbH (Hobicco, Inc.) has combined the trend theme of virtual reality with the fun of driving RC cars. Based on the Revell Control X-treme cars, the company offers an RC car with very high quality fittings and including a camera and VR glasses. This is how it works: Simply download the free Revell Control app onto your smartphone, briefly charge the vehicle's battery, put the smartphone into the VR glasses and in a flash you'll be sitting in your own RC car and experiencing an amazing driving feeling (Hall 12.2 / P-13).

Discover trends and new toys from the product group Technical Toys, Educational Toys, Action Toys live at the toy fair in Nuremberg. Buy your ticket now for the biggest and most international Spielwarenmesse® of all time!


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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.