Spielwarenmesse: Toy innovations 2019: Technical Toys, Educational Toys, Action Toys

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Toy innovations 2019: Technical Toys, Educational Toys, Action Toys

from Harald Hemmerlein

Toy manufacturers are expanding the game features of classic construction toys, ball tracks or tractors with sophisticated stimuli that encourage playing, and, in some cases, are combining them with electronics. Here is a small selection of the new items you can expect at the Spielwarenmesse® 2019 in the Technical Toys, Educational Toys, Action Toys product group.

toi+ Vulture by Ravensburger
toi+ is a non-screen console and interacts with the plush vulture and other haptic toys.

Toys are coming alive

The top topic at Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH (Hall 12.0/A-12, D-13) is "toi+", the first console that brings toys to life. Thanks to immersive technology, children from the age of six can experience and discover completely new and unknown depths of a game – not on a screen, though, but actually with a haptic toy in their hands.

PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE will hit cinema screens in August 2019. The fast-paced action comedy tells the story of Marla, whose little brother disappears into the animated world of PLAYMOBIL. Marla has to find him in the world of the Vikings, fairy tales and the Wild West. geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG (Hall 12.2/P-07) will be launching the accompanying PLAYMOBIL sets on the market.

Girl with spiral bracelet with electronic party animal.
Zoops, the electronic party animals by Hasbro, perform great tricks with the ball and can even climb up your arm.

Lots of action with totally twisting moves, that's what you can expect with the Zoops from Hasbro, Inc. (Hall 12.0/F-10, H-05). They turn, rush off, perform great tricks with the ball and can even climb up your arm. The electronic party animals come with their own foam snacks, which they eagerly collect. An entire zoo of various Zoops invites you to collect and play with them.

New sensory impressions by changing your perspective

The truth, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. The optical lenses of British company Brainstorm Limited (Hall 12.0/B-03-2) make it clear how other beings see the world. The product name speaks for itself: "See the World Through Others' Eyes". Twenty-two lenses show users how human babies, sharks and spiders view the world. A multilingual brochure explains the basic features of visual perception.

Kidcorder by MyKidsLoveIt
Even 1-year-old children can record and replay sounds with the Kidcorder.

Everyone probably remembers how surprised they were when they first heard their own voice in a sound recording. Your recorded voice, which is conducted by air, sounds completely different from the voice that is conducted through the bones in your head. With the "Kidcorder" from French company MYkidsLOVEit Sarl (Hall 2/D-14), even one-year-olds can already start and stop their recording by means of a large red button. With nine replay buttons, children can play self-recorded songs, voice messages, stories or new words with just the touch of a button.

Different toys encourage little children to correctly assign colours and shapes. Thai company Blue Ribbon Marketing Co., Ltd. (Hall 3/E-20) also brings LED light into play. As soon as a child has assigned a piece to the correct recess on the wooden board, a light comes on.

Stone on stone at the building site

Smart Crane by Dickie Toys
Using the app, children can get their crane driver's licence or build things with the smart crane on the play mat.

proACT Solutions GmbH (Hall 3A/C-20) offer "ankenstein" bricks you can cast yourself. They interlock with one another without any need for glue or mortar and can easily be dismantled again. The ankenstein starter set contains silicone moulds and ankenstein casting powder for nine different basic building blocks.

Dickie Toys (SIMBA DICKIE GROUP Hall 6/B-01, Hall 6/C-03, C-09) has also developed the app-controlled toy crane Smart Crane for transporting building blocks. Using the app, children can create their own profile, get their crane driver's licence and build things. The 90-centimetre crane comes with a play mat that includes four loading and unloading zones. The app will specify the loading zone and materials and the play mat will detect whether the right materials have been loaded in the right place. The children will be guided through the game with an on-screen text, voice-over and sound effects.

In order for power to come across as effective, it often has to be modulated by means of gear ratios. When you drive a car, you can tell this is happening by the fact that different gears are engaged. Indian company Zephyr Toymakers Pvt. Ltd. (Hall 6/A-25) clearly illustrates how the lever principles can affect movements with the gears and shafts of its "BLIX Gear Box" construction kit.

Construction kits, robots and labyrinths for tinkerers

HAPE Deluxe Scientific Workbench

The new Junior Inventor range from Hape International AG (Hall 3A/E-17, G-26) offers a variety of kits that explain mechanical phenomena and relationships. Besides the "Deluxe Scientific Workbench" with 15 experiments, the "Discovery Scientific Workbench" for beginners, the "Science Experiment Toolbox" and the "Three Experiment Kit" also invite children to invent and build things.

The task of "CODEMAZE" is to guide small robot figures through a labyrinth on the monitor display. This all works with the help of the patented "Snap-To-Code-Cards". The game and learning system of Hong Kong-based Imagine Station Limited (Hall 4/B-30) introduces users to a basic cultural technique of the present day: mastering the fundamentals of programming.

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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.