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28. January 2017 / Market

Trade fair innovations 2017: Wooden Toys and Craftworks

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Trade fair novelties for the Spielwarenmesse® 2017 in the Wooden Toys and Craftworks category: A large selection of new toys made of wood, sustainable toys, toy bricks, marble runs and much more awaits you in Nuremberg at the world's largest toy fair. Here is a foretaste of some of the new products to be released in 2017.

Zeitgeist has been rediscovering the very tradition which a wooden toy conveys to many consumers. "Wooden toys are currently experiencing a genuine renaissance", says Michael Hopf, Sales and Marketing Management Habermaaß, Germany. "This is even more so the case abroad than it is for our domestic market."

Return to traditional values

Haba enjoys an international reputation for quality wooden toys. In 2017, the company will once again take up classic toy themes with its Ritterburg motor skills toy castle, a first steps baby walker, various pegging games and toys for grasping. Haba is also clearly expanding its successful Kullerbü marble run for children aged 18 months and older, adding new runs, vehicles and balls (Hall 3 / A-13, C-12).

Gollnest & Kiesel have also been recording a trend towards simple toys made of wood. Press officer Helmut Roloff: "Today’s generation of parents between 30 and 40 years of age favour toys which they grew up with. We are experiencing a return to traditional values." That tradition still leaves room for creative advancement shows GoKi with its interpretation of an architype topic. The pull-along lobster toy whose claws clap is a reference to its home and a contribution towards innovative playing and motion equipment (Hall 3 / A-12).

And whenever high-tech enters the playing field such as, for example, with the Smart Blocks by Zhejiang Hexin Toys (Hall 3 / A-07), traditional wooden blocks are not far away or wooden toys are turned into robots which help children to learn programming basics, as Cubetto by Primo Toys shows (Hall 5 / A-87).

Haba: toy castle
Gollnest & Kiesel: pull-along lobster toy
Zhejiang Hexin Toys: Smart Blocks
Primo Toys: Cubetto
oi-blocks: oi-blocks
Wobbel board: Wobbel Balance Board
Luco Toys: Wooden Building Bricks
BRIO: sensory bricks
Big Belly Bank: Dinosaur coin bank
Brandtraders B.V.: Brikkon

Simplicity bears the potential

The trend towards simple functionality and differentiation through design runs like a common thread through the offer of new products. Examples of this include oi-blocks (oi-blocks), the Wobbel Board (Wobbel), Wooden Building Bricks (Luco Toys) and Brio.

oi-blocks are innovative construction toys that enable the construction of many different models without the use of tools (Hall 3A / D-28). The Wobbel Board is a classic balancing board of a contemporary design which promotes awareness of the body and balance in a playful manner. Thanks to its reduced design, the board is a toy that is bound to look amazing in every living-room (Hall 3A / F-06b).

Wooden Building Bricks are based on four patented bricks which can help to build a variety of buildings (Hall 3 / F-26). Brio introduces sensory bricks whose different textures, materials, shapes, colours and sounds activate all senses (Hall 4 / C-55, D-50).

Even "grown-ups" get their money’s worth

Toy safety is an ongoing theme in the sector. As the first toy maker in the world, Big Belly Bank Europe promises a powder coating for its dinosaur piggy banks that is 100 % non-toxic and environmentally-friendly. The Swiss company is not only playing it safe with its dinosaurs, but banks on "saving the fun way". The coins zig-zag down the throat just like they do in a ball run, making lots of noise before dropping into the transparent belly (Hall 3 / B-26).

The Ukrainian start-up Ukranian Gears LLC uses laser technology for its unique mechanical 3D models made of quality plywood that require neither glue nor special tools. UGears models combine the principle of 3D puzzles with motion functionality. The functionality models target adolescent tinkerers (Hall 10.0 / D-27).

Material mixes have always played a vital role in the development of wooden toy products. Brikkon has chosen a new path by combining wood with classic bricks. Brandtraders B.V. market Brikkon. The laser-cut wooden elements offer a precision-fitting point for the bricks to help create, for example, fanciful tree houses. The wood can be painted as one desires (Hall 4A / A-204).

With Speedy Rhino, Beleduc presents a cute ride-on bike which accompanies little explorers during their excursions, whether indoors or outdoors. The wheeled toy trains basic motor skills (Hall 3A / E-17, G-26).

Discover trends and new toys from the product group Wooden Toys and Craftworks live at the toy fair in Nuremberg. Buy your ticket now for the biggest and most international Spielwarenmesse® of all time!


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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.