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New Year fireworks a high-selling part of the toy sector

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New Year celebrations are of major interest to the toy industry. Carnival articles are required for many New Year's Eve parties, with fireworks themselves counting as toys.

The colourful fireworks originally come from China. They arrived in Europe via Greece and Italy. In 2013 alone around 124 million euros were spent on fireworks in Germany. According to the German Pyrotechnics Association (VPI) a figure that will remain constant in 2014. While Germany exported 3.92 thousand tons, fireworks imports in 2013 amounted to around 38,000 tons. Approx. 75% of New Year fireworks sales is accounted for by imported fireworks.

The steadily growing revenues since 2004 can be ascribed to the industry's talent for innovation. With a percentage of 45%, battery and mixed fireworks are very popular with consumers. The risk of accident is much lower, as customers only have to light them once to enjoy a variety of colourful effects. Other types of fireworks like rockets and family versions are another major seller, accounting for 20% of New Year's Eve sales.

In Germany the sale of fireworks is legally restricted to the last three working days before New Year's Eve. An exception are Category 1 fireworks like sparklers, torpedoes and tableside fireworks, which are available all year round. Another aspect to watch out for is that the fireworks are approved. This is indicated by the symbol of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). BAM-F1 and BAM-F2-approved products are freely available to everyone over 12 or 18, BAM-F3 and BAM-F4 products are reserved for ignition by experts.

While in Germany citizens are only allowed to set off fireworks at the New Year, in the USA Independence Day on the 4th of July especially is an occasion to stage colourful displays. 85 to 90 % of firework sales in the USA are generated on this date. In 2013 fireworks imports to the USA netted around 213.8 million US dollars. As in Germany, most of these imports come from China. In comparison, firework exports are just on 10.2 million US dollars. The main customer is Israel, accounting for around 2.7 million US dollars.

In the USA private consumers spend around 662 million US dollars on fireworks annually. Approx. half that amount, 328 million US dollars, is invested in display fireworks. Display fireworks are professional firework displays, planned and staged by pyrotechnicians. One of these firework displays was staged last New Year's Eve in Dubai. A record number of more than 500,000 fireworks were set off by 200 pyrotechnicians. The price tag for this firework display: around 4.4 million euros.

Record fireworks of Dubai 2014


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