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Mutter und Tochter spielen mit Accessoires


Playful lifestyle products, decoration & accessories

from Harald Hemmerlein

Upon entering this year’s Spielwarenmesse® in Nuremberg via the central entrance area one was greeted by a magical world of playful accessories. Exhibitors of the Lifestyle Products category demonstrated that the toy sector holds many clever and surprising offers ready to impress children and parents alike. Lifestyle products allow children’s rooms to welcome educational and entertaining toys prepped with a fresh breeze of savoir vivre in the playroom.

Those thinking that zippers were made exclusively to temporarily bring things together were already shown otherwise by the Sorgenfresser (Worry Eaters) by Schmidt Spiele. The Israeli company ZIPIT turned zippers into the focus of its product ideas and displayed, for example, Wildlings, a type of Möbius strip made of around twenty-centimetres long zippers that change into likeable, cheeky playing mates in a surprising way. The zipper is also the company’s central design element for backpacks, bags and containers for knick-knacks which usually looks like a mouth that breathes life into the products.

Licencing themes share close ties with lifestyle

The SMILEY brand presented itself in Nuremberg with an impressive number of top-notch licensees. THE SMILEY COMPANY from London took what must be the most famous smile in the world, and put it on games, party items, clothing and gift items, thus pioneering a trend ahead of its time which today has found its way into our day-to-day communication through emojis. Jumbo B.V. from the Netherlands has taken up this trend with its game called emotify. The idea is to decode the emotional contents of ideograms and to accurately rate how one’s peers feel.

Emotify Game - Product Demonstration Video

At German manufacturer Undercover you can find Minions on everything needed for school. The main focus is on the ergonomically-optimised school satchel Campus UP which is accompanied by pencil cases, stickers, folders and a lunch box.

When Angry Birds take you to school and you are protected by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles against the rain, no one will be able to get to you. Perletti S.p.A. from Italy brings children’s media heroes onto pencil cases, umbrellas and wellingtons. The company even adorns school satchels, trolleys and other bags with, for example, Marvel’s comic heroes.

Clementoni presented the Soy Luna creativity kit with fanciful wristbands, fashionable earrings and trendy rings which are even worn by idols from Argentina’s successful eponymous telenovela.

Enticing products for the children’s room

Light as a design element is an effective tool not only in children's rooms. And when used with the imagination as seen in the small light sculptures by 3DLIGHTFX, parents can rest assured that their children will enjoy a good night’s sleep. 3D Deco Lights are cosy, cordless, decorative night lights which apply a large range of licenced themes that are particularly popular with children and parents. Especially witty in this case: A life-size football which looks as if it has been kicked directly into the wall. The somewhat boisterous creation is a night light that guarantees restful sleep.

Lifestyle at the POS

bb Klostermann
bb Klostermann

bb Klostermann sees itself as a concept provider in the lifestyle segment. The company offers trendy accessories and gift items presented in sales-promoting displays with an original design. Diverse children’s jewellery in the shape of an always up-to-date range of hair clips and scrunchies, rings, chains and wrist bands create an ideal opportunity for additional sales in the retail trade.

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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.