Spielwarenmesse: "I never forget the friendly Franconian hospitality in Nuremberg"

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"I never forget the friendly Franconian hospitality in Nuremberg"

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Leung-tim Lam is Founder & Chairman of Funderful Creations. He began his career farming vegetables, jobbed in other sectors and took to a plastic producing company like a duck to water when 23 years old. He founded his first company at age 31. Since then he has established toy brands and founded further companies. Today the 94-year-old still promotes the yellow rubber duck brand to bring colour into the world. The tycoon toymaker from Hongkong visited Spielwarenmesse regularly from 1970 to 2011. He encountered the Franconian hospitality at his first visit to Nuremberg.

Spielwarenmesse®: What are your earliest memories of the Spielwarenmesse?

Leung-tim Lam

Leung-tim Lam: On my very first visit to Nuremberg, I was welcomed by a Minitrix representative at the main railway station. He invited me to dinner before driving me to a rented private home in the outskirt of the city. I could never forget the warm and friendly treatment by the old lady who was the house owner.

Were there situations you would rather forget and think “thank goodness that’s in the past”?

L.T. L.: I was refused to enter a Germany toy booth at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. They were afraid of Hong Kong people infringing their toys. I explained I am not that kind of a person and as a result, I was admitted to look around inside the booth.

Have you made long-term friendships through the Spielwarenmesse?

L.T. L.: Business at Spielwarenmesse was often followed by friendship, e.g. with Playmobil, Hasbro and Sieper. And I am delighted that friendship has expanded to the next generation.

Which stories relating to the Spielwarenmesse have really stuck with you?

L.T. L.: I had a very good friend Mr. Philippe Mayer who told me he attended all the 60 Spielwarenmesse but did not have the honour of being invited to any one of the Anniversary celebration dinners. When Mr. Ernst Kick learned of this, he sent an invitation to Mr. Mayer to the dinner the following year. At this evening Mr. Mayer received a warm and surprising welcome including a bouquet of flowers!

And what was the best party you celebrated in Nuremberg?

L.T. L.: I enjoyed a Spielwarenmesse dinner at the knights’ hall of the Nuremberg Imperial Castle in 2010 very much. It was just great celebrating in this historic location with friends from the toy sector.

As people say, it’s a small world. To what extent does this apply to the toy sector?

L.T. L.: The small world gives big opportunities for people to develop business and friendly relationship. And developing friendship is the best result.

What was the best deal for you in Nuremberg?

L.T. L.: The best deal is having been able to build up long term relationship with Playmobil.

What has changed in the toy sector over the last 20 to 30 years in particular?

L.T. L.: To Hong Kong toy manufacturers, the most significant change is transforming themselves from O.E.M. to O.D.M. and O.B.M. manufacturing.

Mr. Lam, please complete the phrases below: A particularly happy moment at the Spielwarenmesse is when

… I meet with friends in the toy industry from each and every country.

Nuremberg is a city that …

… I like to go back again and again.

For me, Spielwarenmesse…

… is exciting, wonderful and enjoyable.

Thank you so much, Mr. Lam, to share your Spielwarenmesse memories with us.

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