Spielwarenmesse: Super heroes or scary monsters: new dimensions in dressing up

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Super heroes or scary monsters: new dimensions in dressing up

from Harald Hemmerlein

Motto parties, kids' birthday parties and club functions all offer plenty of opportunities to dress up at any time of the year, not just Carnival. Suppliers of fancy dress costumes have an impressive range of costumes and innovations on offer that look more and more like the original.

"I'm sure Batman doesn't moan when he has to do boring homework, he just gets on and does it. After all, he is a super hero." That's the sort of thing children probably think when psychologists put them in Batman costumes to find out what helps children to discipline themselves.

Some studies at any rate indicate just how seriously children take their transformations and that they do actually slip into the roles of their costumes. Suppliers of costumes, make-up, swords and crowns for children can be sure that role play won't go out of fashion too quickly.

When it comes to children's costumes there's plenty of scope for new and original ideas alongside the classics and the current license themes. Disguise Inc., a member of Jakks Pacific Inc. (USA), has announced costumes depicting characters from the "Minecraft" universe whose appearance reflects the design language of the computer game: roughly structured building blocks that can be arranged to form whole buildings and landscapes are also the basic elements of the costume design.

No superhero without a licence

Licences are the big topic when it comes to dressing up. Over past years they have become increasingly popular in the Carnival sector, loved by both children and adults alike.

Rubie´s Costume Co. presented an entire collection of costumes, accessories and masks taken from the world of Wonder Woman. The new film was launched in cinemas this summer and can now be seen on every screen in the world. Rubie´s offers costumes and accessories in children's and adult sizes representing the main characters.

The same company has a surprising offer for dog owners. Rubie´s Pet Shop Boutique has a range of costumes and accessories to transform your four-legged pets into characters from the worlds of Transformers and Hasbro's My Little Pony.

Make-up and accessories for that scary look

Tobar Group Trading Limited from the UK has put together a special Halloween range including socks with skeleton patterns, soap bubbles you can mix yourself in scary colours and lollipops shaped liked ants or mealworms. They also have artificial blood that you can smear directly on the costumes or your skin.

Make-up is an essential component if you want to transform yourself into a zombie. The German company Jofrika has published a make-up book to show you how it's done. With the aid of professional make-up artists, they have developed various masks for children and adults and photographed them step by step. Success is guaranteed, even for amateurs.

Amscan Europe GmbH has all the right accessories for Halloween and also announced a surprising licensing agreement with the LEGO Group. Paper cups, plates, garlands and balloons all come with motifs from The LEGO Batman Movie.

In Mexico, everyone goes mad on All Souls Day, dramatically called the "Dia de los Muertos" ("Day of the Dead"). The German company Fritz Fries & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG has used themes from this national annual festival for their costumes and make-up. Red roses and bright colours contrast with the morbid occasion of the Day of the Dead.

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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.