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Toy Trend 2018: Just for Fun

15. January 2018 / Trends

Toy trend 2018: Just for Fun – when fun rules

from Spielwarenmesse eG

From a very small age on, children are often given toys of high educational value, to learn about shapes, letters, or numbers, for example. Naturally, this method has its merits and advances the child in more ways than one. But do toys always have to absolutely have an educational purpose? Is it not okay for toys to simply be fun?

Red, yellow, green and blue. A bunch of kids. And the ball lands once again in front of the mum standing nearby. Children’s laughter is in the air. “Lennart!”, she calls. But her son has no time to go home with her. Those scenes are quite common at a ball pool. After all, that is the magic word that fascinates kids and makes them forget the world around them. Whether at their friend’s home, or at the indoor playground. A ball pool is always a big hit. But why? A large count of coloured balls. Nothing moves automatically, there is no voice instructing you what to do. And come to think of it, it does not make any sense.

Toy Trend 2018: Just for fun

The Just for Fun trend advocates the fun part in playing. Playing for the sake of playing, to have fun. There is no right or wrong. The mere enjoyment of the game is the priority. Alone, with a friend, or in a larger group. Children can be infinitely creative and skilful without a set of strict rules to go by.

Gack, Gack! by Mattel

Ready, steady, cluck: Mattel’s Cluck Cluck is all about a chicken run. A dice and an egg-laying chicken are the means to playing for as many cards as possible. For children aged 4 and older, the explosive chicken game is a sure-fire way to enjoy plenty of laughter, excitement and fun.

Slime by Zimpli Kids

The joy of making a mess - just for once! Slime by Zimpli Kids changes water into gloriously colourful slime to create exciting, one-off thrills. The product is skin-friendly and eco-friendly and is suitable for children from the age of 3.

Yo 2 Triple Action by ballaballa

No matter what yo-yo trick you can come up with: showing off your skills to friends or the family is a blast! First intuitive tricks are relatively easy to learn, and basic techniques are quickly mastered. The Yo 2 Triple Action is a multi-functional yo-yo by ballaballa for children from the age of 8.


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