Spielwarenmesse: The ToyAward nomination attracts more attention

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The ToyAward nomination attracts more attention

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The ToyAward is the renowned, globally recognized award of the Spielwarenmesse®, which is awarded annually by a jury of experts in 5 categories. From numerous submissions, a handful of exhibitors can look forward to receiving the award for innovative products. We talked to Cindy Fu, Business Development Manager of Comet Novelty Incorporation. Her product “My Wooden Magnet Notebook” was nominated in the PreSchool category in 2018.

Spielwarenmesse®: Dear Ms. Fu, how did you find out about the ToyAward and why did you decide to participate?

Portrait Cindy Fu

Cindy Fu: We found out about the ToyAward by receiving an email from Spielwarenmesse.  We were very happy to participate in it after over 20 years of fair attendance.

The reason why we decided to participate is because the awarded toys are always innovative and we were confident that our toys are innovative enough to earn recognition from the judges.

What expectations did you have beforehand and were they met

C. F.: To be honest, we did not expect anything big but we thought it would be a great opportunity to promote our brand, J&C, and our innovative product. It was amazing to see that not only European brands but also Asian ones can be selected.

Your product “My Wooden Magnet Notebook” was nominated for the ToyAward 2018 in the PreSchool category. Did the nomination have any impact on your sales figures? Have there been other benefits?

[Translate to English:] „My Wooden Magnet Notebook“ von Comet Novelty

C. F.: Yes, in 2018, we got much more recognition from current and potential buyers and until now, this patent product performs very well in the market. Also, many newspapers and magazines wrote about our brand, J&C, and the nomination. Furthermore, we were treated as a case study at the University of Würzburg on how J&C, an Asian brand, can be successful. And they analyzed our brand and gave recommendations on how to expand in Europe.

Did visitors come to your stand during the Spielwarenmesse® 2018 because the ToyAward draw their attention to “My Wooden Magnet Notebook”?

C. F.: Yes, in 2018, many people came to our stand to find the nominated toy so we were very busy.

How important is the ToyAward in the industry?

C. F.: The Spielwarenmesse® is the most important toy fair in the world which makes the ToyAward very important and reliable, too.

Why would you recommend other companies to participate?

C. F.: Because it is a very effective way to draw attention to the products and gain lots of other benefits.

Cindy Fu, thank you for the interview.

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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.