Spielwarenmesse: Nuremberg: what awaits during the Spielwaren­messe?

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Altstadt Nürnberg


Nuremberg: what awaits during the Spielwaren­messe?

from Spielwarenmesse eG

When the Spielwarenmesse® closes its doors in the evening, Nuremberg is open for exciting excursions: from traditional city tours and unusual ideas in the innovation lab through to the varied ToyCity supporting programme. Take a tour of discovery – here are a selection of the highlights that await you.

Experience the variety on offer in the ToyCity


The taste of the Spielwarenmesse®

Visitors and locals alike can toast the 70th Spielwarenmesse with the ToyCocktail in Nuremberg. For the 15th year of the Spielwarenmesse eG’s competition, an expert jury selected the creation from Gasthaus Pillhofer as the best cocktail. The nine participating bars will serve the both fruity and sour “Pill-toy-rika” during the Spielwarenmesse® from 30 January to 3 February 2019.

Shopping in the ToyCity

Want to shop till you drop? Many stores offer special services exclusively in conjunction with the Spielwarenmesse®: these range from free drinks and massages to alteration services and little surprise gifts. Take the underground to reach Nuremberg’s beautiful city centre in just a few minutes after the trade fair has closed for the day.

Classic and tasteful: tours of Nuremberg and its surroundings

Spielwarenmesse horse in front of Schöner Brunnen in Nuremberg

Discover the ToyCity

Did you know that toy production here extends back to the 14th century? Take an hour’s tour of the ToyCity and discover more about the development of the craft and the Spielwarenmesse®’s connection with Nuremberg.

Sup red beer in deep cellars

A different kind of tour: marvel at the rock-cut cellars before enjoying a beer tasting.

Discover the region via audio guide

Fürth and Erlangen are also interesting places to explore, and offer a different kind of tour that you can take at your leisure: the tomis audio guides will introduce you to the cities’ sights. What do you need for this? A mobile phone or mp3 player.

Why do you enjoy playing? Toy Museum exhibition

The city of Nuremberg has a very special connection with toys. Find the answers to a key question in the exhibition entitled “In Nuremberg, Play’s the Thing”: why do you enjoy playing? At nine stations, discover what is behind our motivation to play and be surprised by how much games and playing influence our life and society. As part of the exhibition, 100 Nuremberg residents also present their favourite toy at Nuremberg’s Toy Museum.

JOSEPHS®: where innovations get crowd feedback

Discover the innovations of tomorrow: at JOSEPHS®, inventors bring their ideas to the public. Anyone can try out the prototypes at JOSEPHS® and give their feedback. The inventors then use these suggestions to enhance the next iteration of their products. The innovation lab in Nuremberg’s inner city is open to the public and offers a different theme world every three months.

Prototypes and ideas on topics such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning under the “INTELLIGENT AND DIGITAL” theme will be awaiting your feedback during the Spielwarenmesse®. As a toy retailer or manufacturer, it is worth getting to know this test site for future product and service ideas. After all, some day you might wish to perfect one of your own ideas there before launch.

2019 südpunkt TIPP-KICK® world championship

The südpunkt cultural and educational centre hosts the popular TIPP-KICK® tournament during the Spielwarenmesse®. Teams of two face off against each other over a game of table football. Prizes await the winners, but all other participants also receive a cert. All TIPP-KICK® enthusiasts and nimble-fingered football fans should note the 1 pm kick-off on Saturday, 02/02/19.

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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.