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Toy innovations 2019: Baby and Infant Articles

from Harald Hemmerlein

Toys for babies always attract a large audience interested in infant articles. At the Spielwarenmesse retailers will find quite the selection of both with the Baby and Infant Articles product group. New products in 2019 for toddlers zoom in on quality, product safety and child development while also focusing on trending topics.

Interactive soft toys

Revell GmbH

Revell GmbH (Hall 12.2/P-13) is expanding its target group to include the baby and infants sector. Remote-controlled soft toy-crossovers which are distributed under the Revellino brand are the result of a co-operation with the German soft toy maker, Heunec. Furniture- and floor-friendly, they leave no marks on surfaces and are perfect for cuddling. Their machine-washable soft plush cover can even be removed for washing to restore their original fluffiness.

Infrared technology and sensors manoeuvre the squirrel on a scooter made by Winfat Industrial Company Limited from Hong Kong (Hall 4/F-13) around. Children are meant to pinch pine cones from a container attached to the scooter.

Smartphones and tablets have made into the world of babies. The Baby Chilling Box by Sterntaler GmbH (Hall 1/A-15, B-16) from Germany is a Bluetooth loudspeaker that replays input from smartphones and tablets from inside a soft toy. The toy animal becomes an entertainment and communication centre with a special touch.

By water and by land

Jakobs GmbH

This year, Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH (Hall 12.0/A-12, D-13) has come up with waterproof puzzles perfect for little mermaids to use in the bathtub. The thick puzzle pieces made of foam rubber stay afloat and when wet stick to a smooth surface. The six-piece Aqua Doodle Puzzles allow children to puzzle on the one hand and colour the matching theme at the same time on the reverse. My First Puzzle Seasons introduces small children to the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

One of the most important tasks for infants is to learn how to walk. Jakobs GmbH (Hall 3A/D-09) from Germany has launched the Carborunner to help with these first steps. The balance bike allows children to safely train their balancing skills and body control. The frame weighs as little as 1.9 kg and stands out with its design made completely out of carbon. The seat is spring-mounted to cushion impacts and vibrations.

A focus on the environment

Amek Toys LTD

Environmental aspects play a major role when it comes to the choice of toys for infants. SUN TA TOYS SDN BHD from Malaysia (Hall 4/E-01) does away with plastic for its MIJOY BLOCKS by SUNTA. The building blocks made of rice husk and the waste from palm oil trees can be assembled to create a variety of different figures, buildings and vehicles.

Amek Toys LTD from Bulgaria (Hall 1/B-31) has chosen a similar path. It uses only natural materials for its toy animals. The filler material comes from the fruits of the kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra) and is smoother and softer compared to fillers made of cotton.

Cozy Nap by Senger Naturwelt (sold by Hape International AG; Hall 3A/G-25) is a soft cuddly blanket with storage options. The baby blanket for crawling that is made of cotton accompanies the little ones on their daily excursions into the world, allowing them to bring along a few pieces from home which can be conveniently stored in the blanket’s pockets.

MOLUK from Switzerland (Hall 2/E-15) brings us Oibo, an elastic, stackable, rollable and shapeable toy for babies and children of any age to bite on and hold. Oibo’s geometry is half sphere, half cube and combines a ball with the construction possibilities of a building block. Oibo is made of 100 % food-safe silicon and is dishwasher-safe.

Stimulating and soothing

HCM Kinzel GmbH

Babies and infants clearly let you know whenever they are bored. Fisher-Price’s Safari playmat (Mattel, Inc. in Hall 12.2/P-15) offers help. The adjustable toy arch of the machine-washable playmat can be popped up when baby wants to play on its back or collapsed for baby’s tummy time.

HCM Kinzel GmbH from Germany (Hall 10.0/I-09) is presenting the Nanobébé mother’s milk bottle which allows the baby to feed itself. Designed like a mother’s breast, it doubles as a breast pump and storage bottle. The milk is quickly cooled and quickly, and gently, reheated when needed.

After stimulating and breastfeeding your baby, the NEXT-2-MOON sleeping aid by Artsana S.p.A. (Hall 12.2/P-04) from Chicco will gently help baby fall asleep. Audio programmes feature nursery rhymes, classical music and sounds from nature and a projector launches visual effects onto a supplied canopy or the room’s ceiling for the little ones to drift off into dreamland.

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