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02. November 2015 / Trends

Trend 2016: ‘Train your Brain’ toys promote intelligence & creativity

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What makes kids smart? The first toy trend for 2016 deals with this question. The ‘Train your Brain’ trend promises just that - to train the brain through play. To prepare the brain of the little ones for life, it can be trained just like a muscle. Babies, infants and pupils acquire not only cognitive skills, but learn to think freely and play without constraints. 

Clever and creative are characteristics that many parents wish for their little ones to have. But children are still children - which is why it is important to introduce brain training to them through fun and games. The all-new toys for the ‘Train your Brain’ trend make this possible. A varied range of stimuli create new nerve connections in a child’s brain which supports and advances the child accordingly. The connections in the brain are the result of stimuli through observation and the respective reaction. Toys that train these qualities are in greater demand than ever. They teach children solution-oriented thinking, how to understand routines and recognise patterns.

Children learn easily through play

A child’s brain is still totally different from that of an adult. A two-year old child already has billions of neural connections, whereas this immense number declines steadily once we reach adulthood. Impressions from outside help these connections in the brain to adapt and stay. If connections are not regularly used, they disappear again. A good thing to know: it is possible to trigger an interest in training one’s brain even in children. By nature, children are enthusiastic, curious and adventuresome. As a result, they absorb many impressions and a great deal of knowledge. Their “let’s just try it” mentality helps them to acquire knowledge along the way.

Concentration exercises impact cognitive skills

Concentration training helps children to focus on what is useful and to ignore what is superfluous. The University of Oregon conducted research on this. The study showed that children can increase their intelligence and attentiveness with a few training sessions only. According to Dr. Posner, the head of the study, attentiveness plays a major role in acquiring cognitive skills and helps them to absorb the material more easily later in school.

Train the Brain trend conquers younger generation

Usually, a train-the-brain approach is associated with a more mature population. Exercises for the brain are nothing new for this age bracket. Those who regularly do their exercises can surely recall the Sudoku wave from a few years back. And even Nintendo’s Dr. Kawashima DS game was received with much enthusiasm after its launch some ten years ago. This trend has now spilled over to the youngest generation.

Parents often ask for toys that allow children to improve their skills. Toy makers have already spotted this trend. For example, there is a product that allows children to build various 3D characters. The complexity and visual thinking that are required advance creativity, imagination and mathematical skills.
Even a game which calls on players to master various tasks using building blocks stimulates the imagination as well as solution-oriented thinking. This supports children in learning through play and keeping them occupied through meaningful activities.

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