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14. December 2017 / Trends

Trends on baby toys design

from Maria Costa

The creation of toys targeting new families with babies is influenced by two main trends: On the one hand the designers implement play features fostering the infant development. On the other hand they attach great importance to aesthetics in design appealing to parents. 

Play as an important developmental aspect

New parents are more aware than ever of the potential of play for the best development of their infant, even in the earliest moments. Most families of newborn babies have several toys ready to be played with shortly after the little one arrives home. They are eager to use them as soon as possible!

This is a generation of parents that is greatly informed about the features toys must have for such young kids. And they want to play with them at every possible occasion; during bath time, meals, and other common daily routines. Parents really appreciate toys that make these everyday habits fun and enjoyable while fostering the best development of their child’s milestones.

One of the best products that represent this trend is Kangy Kangaroo Changing Time Toy by Tiny Love. This is the first toy that attaches to a changing table to help parents during changing nappy times. Furthermore, Tiny love markets their baby products in a way that is very appealing to new parents, categorizing them on “7 Developmental Wonders”: Cognition, Senses, Language and communication, Imagination and creativity, EQ, Gross motor skills, and Fine motor skills.

Tiny Love Kangy Kangaroo Changing Time Toy

Aesthetic design is a key factor for baby toy

Parents show a significant interest in baby toys that have aesthetics that align with the trends observed in other industries related to fashion and design. Toy companies trying to appeal to them should apply these trends to our industry to come up with wonderful products such as the ones from the Tiamo collection by Little Dutch, or from the brand B Toys by Battat, the line Go GaGa by Infantino, or the lovely Boutique Collection by Ingenuity.

Rocking Seat Boutique Collection by Ingenuity
Rocking Seat Boutique Collection by Ingenuity
Textile book, Tiamo Collection by Little Dutch
Textile book, Tiamo Collection by Little Dutch

This phenomenon is so important that companies from the fashion and home decor worlds have been taking advantage of it by creating and selling toys under their brands. That is the case of some of the most important fashion brands (Dior or Bulgari), as well as some relevant home decor distributors such as Zara Home, Habitat, or Kenay Home. These companies sell aesthetics related to specific lifestyles, and that involves more than clothes, furniture or accessories, it influences the aesthetics of the toys too.

Focus on the needs of parents when designing baby toys

Designing toys for babies is, more than ever, a business based on understanding parenting lifestyles and trends. The importance of play and development and the relevance of aesthetics is crucial for the of design baby toys. When both are taken into consideration, they baby toys are most likely to appeal to this complex and wonderful generation of parents.

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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.