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Messe-Neuheiten 2018: Lifestyleprodukte


Toy innovations 2018: Lifestyle Products

from Harald Hemmerlein

Little self-made designers have the tools to create their own trendy products nowadays. Children and young people are themselves producing fashion, home accessories and artworks using the innovations in the Lifestyle Products product group. For retailers, these represent an opportunity to appeal to new customer groups with a creative DIY lifestyle. They will find a wide variety of lifestyle products at the Spielwarenmesse® 2018.

Schäfer Toy Company GmbH: BRIXIES
LIMUNDO Kinderleuchten: LED-lightbox Sam
AMEWI Trade e.K.: Graffiti Airbrush Workshop
HCM Kinzel GmbH: 3Doodler Start
MOLUK - Design for Kids: Oogifant
Santoro Ltd.: Kori Kumi Toddle Pip
Van der Meulen: Magic Beans

Surprisingly simple artworks

German company AMEWI Trade e.K. (Hall 4/D-11; 7A/D-113) has made it easy to get started with the art of airbrushing. The "Graffiti Airbrush Workshop" offers everything needed for impressive artworks. An electrically powered compressor pushes air through a range of coloured pens, while templates are provided for printing designs on t-shirts, paper and other materials.

The battery-operated "Spiral Designer Machine" from Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH (Hall 12.0/A-12, D-13) creates colourful spiral designs. Up to four pens are inserted into the drawing arm, which is then guided by programmed cogs over a circular sheet of paper. It’s fascinating just to watch, no matter your age. As are the designs produced in the end.

With the "3Doodler Start" 3D pen from HCM Kinzel GmbH (Hall 10.0/I-09), children aged around eight and older can create three-dimensional figures from environmentally friendly plastic that hardens in seconds. Three new themed sets offer fresh ideas. Children can use these to create their own miniature city, become product designers or paint their dream robot in the air first before then actually bringing it to life with a motor.

Design delight with vibrant colours

Canadian company ORB (Hall 4/E-56, D-55) is showcasing the future of colouring with the "ORB hi.def creation system". It offers the intensity of a highlighter, but maintains the high-definition look and leaves no streaks. Velvety surfaces with a vibrant depth of colour are the result.

"Sam" makes light designable. The small LED light box from German company LIMUNDO Kinderleuchten (Hall 3A/D-06) can be used in many different ways. Self-designed motifs are printed onto film which is attached to an acrylic screen which acts as a matte screen. The design is backlit by LED technology at the back of the box. In this way, the motifs can be changed time and again and the box can be used to light a nursery or even serve as a night light.

Creative greetings

Schäfer Toy Company GmbH from Germany (Hall 4/E-25) is offering building blocks in a set with postcards for different occasions. Each card contains an individual construction kit. This means you are not only sending a card but also a little surprise and gift at the same time. One version of the "BRIXIES" postcards contains blocks which can be used to create a birthday cake, for example.

Greetings grow from the "Magic Message Beans" of Dutch company Van der Meulen (Hall 8/C-31). If the beans are planted in the soil provided and watered regularly, they grow until greetings can ultimately be read on the leaves, such as "Happy Birthday", "Get Well", "Love You" or "Good Luck".

Making light work of the jungle look

We don’t know if elephants are quite in agreement, but the designers at German company MOLUK - Design for Kids (Hall 2/E-13) believe they know what is quintessential about an elephant: its trunk. The elastic "Oogifant" silicone trunk has suction cups that attach to any smooth surface, meaning all kinds of objects can be turned into elephants.

Rucksacks are useful for carrying things around. More than that, however, children in particular really want something stylish on their backs. British company Santoro Ltd. (Hall 1/F-06) has brought out the "Toddle Pip" rucksack under the Kori Kumi brand. Featuring jungle motifs, it has a pocket for flasks and another for a mobile phone. The straps can be individually adjusted.


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