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You design your own lifestyle these days

from Harald Hemmerlein

Children and teenagers are on an exciting journey of discovery to find their true selves: who am I and who do I want to be? Lifestyle is a creative way of expressing your personality and preferences – which is why they also like to be creative and make their own jewellery or accessories. Because if you're a self-made designer, surrounding yourself with your own trendy products is a very good idea. The retail trade can rouse teenagers' creative potential with a wealth of inspirations.

Jewellery for pretty girls

With Gel-a-Peel by MGA Entertainment, young fashionistas can let their creativity run wild. Regardless of whether it's a matter of bracelets, rings, necklaces or earrings, thanks to the innovative Gel-a-Peel gel paints, girls can create their own dream accessories. And with the new products of Gel-a-Peel Fuzzy Kit and the Jelly Kit, children's design fun is now enhanced by the new textures and the new looks of the gel paints.

Girls can magic up velvety creations with the Gel-a-Peel Fuzzy Kit, which are veritable eye-catchers and feel lovely in your hand. Children fall in love with the velvety surface texture. The gel paints of the Gel-a-Peel Jelly Kit, on the other hand, give articles made with them an original gummy bear look. Both sets include everything young jewellery designers need to design their dream fashion accessories.

Gel-a-Peel  Sparkel bead station by MGA Entertainment
Gel-a-Peel Sparkel bead station by MGA Entertainment
Make-up-table with Gel-a-Peel  jewellry by MGA Entertainment
Make-up-table with Gel-a-Peel jewellry by MGA Entertainment

Fabulous brilliance in the nursery

Epoch Traumwiesen is adding a "Glamorous Designer Set" to its "Aquabeads" craft bead collection that gives the creations a touch of brilliance thanks to the silver beads used. Together with the "Gemstone Set", which contains golden beads, children's bedrooms have just got that tiny bit shinier. And here, too, when it comes to crafting, retailers daren't ignore the current "fabulous creatures" trend: with just the aid of a little water – as with all "Aquabeads" sets – the "Magical Unicorn Set" from Epoch Traumwiesen can conjure up a unicorn from small plastic beads.

Tattoos are always intrinsically cool and popular. Glitter tattoos attract a lot of attention. The image you like can be put onto the skin as usual and transferred with water. Then you simply sprinkle glitter in the colour you like over it, use the brush to spread it over the selected areas –and that's it –your shiny skin jewellery is done! If you want things to go really fast, just choose one of the coloured tattoos.

The styling is rounded off with a necklace from the "Terrarium pendant" set. Decorated with colourful glitter, miniature flowers, some moss and maybe even a sparkling gemstone, the bottle pendant becomes an impressive one-of-a-kind piece.

The trend specialists from Craze are adding keychains to their product segment for impulse buyers, using successful licensing themes such as "Disney Cars" or "Disney Frozen" in the process.

Music shapes one's lifestyle

Girl playing the guitar
TV-Telenovela pop-starlets Maggie and Bianca rocking the stage with the guitar by Smoby.

Being creative and, at the same time, interpreting characters from your favourite TV series is possible thanks to the new "Maggie & Bianca" music line by Smoby, which is aimed at girls from about the age of five. A guitar in the "Maggie & Bianca" look with a real wooden body, six nylon strings, and an adjustable shoulder strap comes with a plectrum.

The same series includes a "Maggie & Bianca" hand-held microphone that creates lighting effects in the same rhythm as the music. With the aid of an external audio device, the microphone turns into a karaoke machine.

Make-up for girls

For many children, make-up is already a useful tool for making lifestyle statements. The Greek company Safe`N` Beautiful PC is offering, with its "Snails Me & Mini Me", nail polish and nail polish remover, which are packaged as a gift set with differently sized brushes and which should appeal to both mothers and daughters alike. Twelve different lacquers and a non-toxic nail polish remover give mothers and daughters the chance to enjoy a common look – and safe nail cleaning.

Make-up sets for fashion-conscious girls or even fashion boxes for fashionable DIY jewellery: Carletto is also putting popular trends on toy shelves with its "Make It Real" vanity case.

They include "magic lipsticks", where green turns pale pink, violet turns hot pink and blue turns fuchsia. And with the small pocket mirror, the lipstick can be quickly reapplied while on the go.

Make-up for pet styling

TOMY's "Fuzzikins" sets contain bunnies, kittens and pooches, which, thanks to their special nature, can be individually painted and styled using special pens, and then washed clean again. Creative children's minds know no bounds and endless fun is guaranteed. Comprehensive PR measures, influencer campaigns and blogger cooperations are taking place to promote "Fuzzikins" in 2018.

Puzzle ball shows portraits of the German team joining the FIFA World Cup.
3D Puzzle-Ball by Ravensburger showing the German team of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

A very sporty lifestyle

The FIFA World Cup in Russia this year will also be handing toy industry product developers ideas on a plate. Ravensburger is launching puzzles that bring the World Cup mood to the puzzle tables.

Two 3D puzzle balls invite you to search for pieces. The "DFB Teamball" shows the most popular German players along with their autographs. The "Match Ball 2018 FIFA World Cup" is a faithful replica of the official tournament ball. Besides that, there are two 2D puzzles with pictures of the German national team consisting of either 300 or 1,000 pieces.

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