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Arckit Living Series

Arckit, the makers behind the multi-award winning architectural model building kits from Ireland, continues to Empower Minds Through Architecture with their fun, sophisticated and highly educational model building kits.
This year, they launch Arckit LIVING, an exciting new series of ‘open-ended’ kits that focus on different environments and climates while introducing users to designing sustainably for each geographical location. 
Arckit Coastal living, Arckit Desert Living, Arckit Mountain Living. Contents include an introductory and informative booklet with 3 different designs and more online, fun relative assets to enhance your creations, 'Think Cards' for inspiring new building ideas,  and a host of unique Arckit components to enable lots of different building design possibilities.

US, Europe, Canada, Asia, Middle East, UK
Auslieferbar ab:
July 2020
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